Still Going! Stim Day 8

Hi Friends! I’m sorry for the silence . . .though I doubt anyone has been waiting with bated breath for my follicle u/s updates. I guess if you have been, I’m sorry?

In any case, the cycle is still going – which is the best and most important news, as far as I’m concerned! For those of you who like data, here’s the news:

FRIDAY 4/ 25 – Stim day 5: E2= 1524, follicles ranging from 8mm-14mm, at least 10 on each side (only the largest 10 are recorded, but I have more than this) 

SATURDAY 4/26 – Stim Day 6: E2= 1759, follicles ranging from 9mm- 14mm 

increased follis.tim to 200IU (from 150 previously)

SUNDAY 4/27 – Stim Day 7: E2= 1095, follicles ranging from 9mm-16mm

Increased foll.istim to 200IU

I’m still waiting to hear back about today’s results. 

Here are the things occupying my thoughts about this process right now:

  • I’m, of course, hella nervous about the fact that my estradiol fell from 1759 to 1095, and hoping to God it went back up.
  • Its become patently clear that there is a serious range in job quality between the weekend ultrasound techs and my usual weekday faves. The fact that the follicle measurements are so off is one indication. The fact that the lady yesterday ‘couldn’t find my uterus’ but it was quite clear even to me today, is another. 
  • According to Nurse T on Friday afternoon, we may trigger tomorrow for a Thursday retrieval. The on-call nurse yesterday said trigger might be today. Fave U/S tech said probably tomorrow.
  • I can definitely feel that my ovaries have swollen up, although, probably thanks to my already well endowedness and propensity towards more loosely fitting clothing, I’m not experiencing any clothing issues. I do feel nauseated and bloated and generally disgusting though, but I hear that goes with the territory. 
  • Despite my anxiety about test results, I am doing a pretty fine job of trusting what the doctors and nurses are saying and staying the hell off google. I mean, not entirely. I’m still calling it a win. 
  • It is a sweet cool sunny day – just like I like ’em, in the 50s and a little chill – and I am sweating like a damn pig. Is this the estrogen? 

But now I need to get my ass back to work, since I have a looming deadline and am not sure exactly when I might have to make room for egg retrieval (!)



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