Another short one (the perco.set is demanding a nap): fertilization report from this morning – 21 eggs fertilized successfully!
Next update is Monday at day 5, unless there are problems.  Then we will biopsy and freeze them and start the waiting all over again. 

Happy to report that I continue to be an  overachiever, even when it comes to making eggs.


11 thoughts on “Fertilized!

    • The biopsy is looking for chromosomal abnormalities that wound result in miscarriage. It lowers the miscarriage rate substantially.

      • Oh, okay! Did you all get genetic testing done before? Less chance of chromosomal miscarriage would mean fewer eggs transferred right? Like they could transfer 1-2 instead of 2-3 because the chances of success would be higher?

      • We had some testing, but this is more for chromosomal issues – for exactly the reason you mentioned! Our doc will only transfer 1 for my age with the testing because transferring more than that only increases chances for multiples not pregnancy.

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