Report Cards

I’m gonna talk about a few things, in this order, so you can decide if/how much you want to read:

1. Embryos

2. Bleeding

3. Poop

Consider that your ‘trigger warning’ but let’s get real, this is a blog about invasiely trying to get knocked up, so there is no “TMI” bitches.


#1. Embryos!

We got the call this afternoon that a total of 12 of our 21 fertilized eggs kept growing to Day 5. Of those, the best 8 were biopsied and vitrified this morning – results from PGD should be back by the middle of next week. The remaining 4 are being allowed to grow another day, and then will be frozen if they look good. The 8 vitrified embryos were graded BD (5), BA (2) and AD (1) which makes them firmly average. I’m gonna be honest that I have never seen so many D’s in my life and it makes me feel both nervous and disappointed. But, both the embryologist and my nurse seem pleased as punch with the embryos – both number and quality. So, who am I to argue? 

We took informal bets about the number of Day 5 embryos we’d have and NO ONE guessed 12! Which makes me sad because I really wanted to give this to the winner:



But I might still order some because AMAZING! I have been a huge fan of the Giant Microbes for many years, and find them both hilarious and an invaluable teaching resource. 


#2. Bleeding

I am. Which is good, if unexpected, news. It shouldn’t be unexpected, since Nurse T told me I was likely to start by the middle of this week, but I’ve grown accustomed to my period not showing up when I want it, so I just assumed it would be a while. This fast appearing menses is thanks to the Lupron trigger, and is another reason why PCOS/OHSS and fresh transfers don’t go together so well. I go back on the nuva.ring on Wednesday for 21 days, during which I will have additional uterine testing – doppler, hysteroscopy and trial transfer. Assuming the embryos get the OK from the PGD lab, we will start with the FET protocol late this month/beginning of June. Nurse T thinks we might be able to do a transfer as early as the end of June, or at least early July. They have some protocol that shuts the lab down for 10 days in July which could bump us out, so I’m keeping all the things crossed we can do it before that happens. Being a non-ovulator on birth control will likely help make this happen. 

In exciting and disgusting news, I have to continue with the dost.inex I was prescribed post-retrieval. Which I take vaginally. And its tiny. Kinda messy but Nurse T assured me I should continue. Good thing I still have my crunchy punk cred.

3. Pooping

You may recall from previous entries that I tend to run on the slow side, alimentarily speaking. While I knew to expect some back up from the stims + anesthesia + pain meds, I thought I adequately prepared by keeping my water intake up and steadily popping stool softeners. But by Saturday, I was staring down the barrel (colon?) of 5 days with no poop, and life was not so good. This + the mild OHSS = misery. Finally, yesterday after more than 30 minutes of concentrated effort on the toilet, I produced what can only be called a poop baby because of its sheer size and the effort undertaken to get it out. I immediately felt better, but was horribly disgusted with myself. Things are definitely still running slowly, but I think the worst of it is over. If God is kind and merciful, it will be over. This has strengthened my resolve to keep up on the stool softeners and osmostics during pregnancy though, because I never want to have that experience ever again. 

And that’s all, friends! I’m super excited about our good news, less so about the waiting that stands between us and transfer. BUT there is a visit to the amusement park and a camping trip planned between now and then. I’m hoping even more distractions will be set up as well. As my friend just pointed out, our transfer should be near the time Season 2 of Orange is the New Black comes out, so that’s a score for bed rest post transfer!



8 thoughts on “Report Cards

  1. I hear you on the pooping front. I haven’t gone today and it’s bugging me (I’m normally a morning pooper). Congrats on the dozen!

  2. Oh. My. God. I am in love with the Giant Microbes website! Soo awesome and hilarious! And, great news about the embies (and the poop, lol). Sounds like you have some fun stuff to do to keep you busy until transfer. I hope time flies by for you!

  3. 1) yay 12! That is a great plushie!
    2) prepare for your postpartum cycles to be just as ridiculous. I’ve had three (I need to get a new cup for real) and they are all completely different.
    3) my baby had a poop baby today.

  4. First- yay! 12 is a hell of a lot of embryos and you gotta find one in there.

    Second- yuck on the vaginal meds during AF. I feel for you.

    Third- OMG! Me too on the “digestive issues” (forgive me for being vague, I was raised in a small Southern Baptist town that could have easily been the setting of Footloose if it was a farming community). I was so uncomfortable during my transfer. I drank a whole giant bottle of 100% prune juice and took this wickedly powerful probiotic pill and about 4 hours later I was all better. Sounds like its all behind you now (ha ha)… but if it happens again, try it. It was way better than still softeners.

    Just wait to you have a baby. That first movement, especially if you have to have a c-section is a doozie.

  5. I’m super excited about your good news and positive progress! Sending you good vibes for a successful transfer and successful pooping! 🙂

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