UPDATE: Clear as Mud

So, at 2:30 I got an e-mail from Nurse T (my IVF nurse, not who I was expecting to hear from) subject line: embryo transfer! Felt excited/confused.

Body of the e-mail says: 

“We have a plan for transfer! All of your uterine testing and your follow up vitamin D levels look great.  Dr. Awesome has provided us your transfer instructions. Please pull your nuva ring tonight. You should start a period in the next few days (probably by Friday) give us a call and then we will get a FET calendar sketched out for you for your calendar. That typically consists of birth control pills overlapping Lup.ron then the lining preparation of est.race and eventually progesterone. With that phone call comes me transferring you to the FET team of __ & ___. So excited for you.” 


Sometimes this happens and I feel confused. Because this e-mail doesn’t really seem to acknowledge my complicated and tearful interactions with DR.Awesome, and doesn’t really clearly state which of the possible scenarios is happening. So, I responded:

Hi Nurse T,
Thanks for your email and excitement.  I hate to belabor a point,  but does this mean we are looking at going right into the FET schedule and are aiming for a transfer prior to the lab closure?

Thanks so much!  We are so excited!


Because I am a direct person and I like direct answers and given the excess amount of feelings happening about this (and expressed this morning) its important for me to understand. Then Nurse T responded:

Sorry I’m not sure as only the FET ladies handle the exact transfer schedule. I can ask them this week though.

Whaaaat? Either communication is failing (totally possible) or she’s only allowed to say so much (also totally possible) or . . .? I don’t know.

So, while I don’t have a 100% clear answer (YET?!) I am assuming we are good to go for Plan B (Operation:High Estrogen) RATHER than Plan A (Operation:Tearfully Wait Until Mid-July) because, as I understood my conversation with Dr. A this morning, Plan A would involve me changing out the nuva.ring and Plan B involves me going right into a FET after pulling the ring and getting a period. Of course, Plan C (Operation:Spend the Entire Summer Languishing About Not Doing a Transfer Until August) would ALSO involve pulling the ring and waiting for a bleed. So, its either best case OR worst case scenario and how could you not know which one it is?! 

So, I guess its back to . . .WAITING. Of course. What’s new?


10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Clear as Mud

  1. Oh dear! Perhaps you should call tomorrow to get some answers? You shouldn’t have to wait more. I’m sorry that you didn’t get a solid answer, but I agree that taking out the ring is good!

  2. It seems to be a universal issue with Doctors and Nurses. The Doctor is clear, then the nurses make it clear as mud. lol

    Good luck with it! Estrogen is a bitch, but hey, why not? lol

  3. Feeling for you big time. Unclear communications with our med professionals can make it all seem SO much more stressful than it needs to be. In dealing with my clinics, I always wanted to ask them: “Excuse me, is this, like, the first time you’ve ever done this? Why is this so unclear?” Hang tight, and hopefully soon you’ll have happy reason to sweep all the frustrations under the rug. (:

  4. Gah! How incredibly frustrating! The whole idea was that by now you’d know what The Plan was (even if The Plan wasn’t ideal). I’m glad that Dr Awesome gets how tough this schedule rearranging can be, but that doesn’t help if the nurses can’t be clear about what the plan is.

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