The squeaky wheel gets the. . .

Well . . .things have not gotten much better on the fertility clinic front since Tuesday. I hoped that following the confusing e-mail exchange between Nurse T and I (and her promise to loop the FET nurses in) that I would hear from someone on Wednesday. And then I didn’t. So I sent another e-mail on Thursday asking if she had passed the information along.

“yes, and they will be calling you with dates soon. have you started your period?”

I told her that no, I hadn’t, but was spotting so expected it today and I really needed to know what the plan was with the FET, given the lab closure. “They’ll call you first thing tomorrow.” She responded.

This morning I started my period, and so I called the line just like I’m supposed to . . .expecting I would get a call back from Nurse T or one of the FET ladies with my information. Then I recieved an e-mail from Nurse T:

Hi Andie-
I have dates for you!! The FET team is having a very busy week but promises to call you as soon as they can and provide you your FET calendar. In the meantime they have provided dates so that you can start planning better.  Please do let me know when you start your period full flow.
Birth control pills – start 6/3 – 6/23 (do not start before)
Start Lupron 6/19/14
FET day 1 7/2
FET with Dr. Awesome  7/17.
I hope this helps. Again they will explain the details of what this means and give you specifics. J They will call you no later than Monday.
So, this e-mail indicates a couple of things:

1) Clearly she didn’t bother to check the line, or she would have known I started my period.

2) Despite being told I would get a call from the FET team ON TUESDAY, I now won’t get one until MONDAY?

3) Although I get why the date thing maybe had to happen no one could bother to tell me what or why or WTF is happening?

So, I sent a rather terse e-mail back and then called the main office, where I left a message asking for Dr. Awesome and requested to talk to the practice manager. When she got on the line, I made sure she understood 100% about the uterine testing experience, the lack of phone calls, the frustration and confusion. She was nice and apologetic (of course she was!) and said she’d talk to Dr. Awesome and figure out what was going on.

I just got a call back and Dr. Awesome explained that she had talked to the FET nurse on Tuesday and let her know that, after looking at things closely, there was simply no way to do the FET before the closure. This would involve doing a protocol without any lupr.on, and she just didn’t feel ok about that. Unfortunately, that conversation didn’t get conveyed to me. The e-mail from Nurse T was, as I had suspected, akin to a form e-mail that gets sent out following completion of all of the pre-FET requirements. The FET nurse just . . .didn’t call me. Not that day, and not after repeated e-mails to Nurse T asking for an explanation.

So, I’m still pissed, but it sounds like an end of June transfer is just not in the cards. So, we are currently scheduled to do the FET on July 17th. 7 weeks. Almost two months. In this world, for-fucking-ever. But, it is what it is, another set of possible dates that I spent enough time dreaming about to get my hopes up.

In between now and then, I’m hoping to do whatever I can to rinse the salt from this wound. My IVF consult was on Dec. 3rd – so it will be 7 months into this whole process that we will, hopefully, be pregnant. Today I’m going to grieve that, knowing that tomorrow and the next day, it will all probably feel much more ok.


8 thoughts on “The squeaky wheel gets the. . .

  1. Ugh nothing is more frustrating than getting the run around. I am so sorry you’re having to wait now until July, and I hope that the time passes quickly for you!

  2. I don’t have words to convey how frustrated I am for you! But on the positive side, at least you have concrete dates and I am sending my best to you for the next seven weeks!

  3. We have similar frustrations with our fertility clinic. The copy and paste generic emails and protocols, the lack of attention to detail, and in our case, we came even get a face-to-face or phone call with our RE without an appointment booked three months ahead. I agree, each delay in the process seems like an eternity. I’m sorry you have to wait longer. I’m sure that it’ll all be worth it when you get your BFP!

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