BCPs are done, man!

Hopefully, for forever/a good long many years.

I kind of think these ticker things are absurd . . .but also I love countdowns! So, I made this countdown ticket for our FET. I used the stork because I think it is one of the more ridiculous/hilarious conception myths we provide to people. So, hooray – three weeks left!

<a href=”http://lilypie.com/”><img src=”http://lacf.lilypie.com/Skzzm6.png&#8221; width=”400″ height=”80″ border=”0″ alt=”Lilypie Assisted Conception tickers” /></a>

Denver Pride was this past weekend . . .I have some serious trauma about the festival, since I worked for our LGBT Center and have some pretty serious criticisms of the organization + for four years worked 14 hour days for the weekend and the week leading up + I hate that pride has become a consumer event that doesn’t pay homage to the political riot of trans and queer people of color it started as. So, basically its kind of not a big deal for me and also I have some resentment. But, we went. I had to table for work for a few hours, and we walked around for another little bit. Mostly I talked shit. We skipped the parade the next day which I now feel sort of sad about because even if stupid coors is sponsoring it, the PFLAG ladies make me cry every time.

In other mainstreamy gay news, the 10th circuit court of appeals ruled Utah’s ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional, which could be good news for the Colorado homosexuals as well, since we are covered by the 10th circuit and currently have a case in state court contesting our ban. So, that could be awesome. And Indiana, where my boo is from, just overruled their ban too so . . .hopefully we’ll get this same sex marriage thing taken care of so we can deal with things like this: justice4nate.com (aka arresting QPoC who defend themselves) or trans people being murdered or police brutality or the prison industrial complex which impacts LGBTQ people waaaay more than their straight counterparts. But, I digress . . . .

Just biding my time until I can start doing something more than sticking an insulin needle in my belly!




4 thoughts on “BCPs are done, man!

  1. Yay for the end of BCPs!
    Yay for Utah and Indiana!
    And yes, I hope that we can focus on all of the other things that are wrong with the world after we get this marriage stuff sorted out (or even while we’re getting there).

  2. We were so excited about the ruling! I heard one county in CO started issuing marriage licenses. Not sure if they still are though, do you? Over here in Utah we joke around about how funny it would be if our Gov. was the one who “caused” same sex marriage to be legal nationwide since he won’t stop the appeals (like many other Gov’s have). Fingers crossed for the FET.

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