FET Day #7

9 days and counting to the FET . . .not that I’m keeping track.

Yesterday I went in for my ‘early’ lining check and blood draw. My lining clocked in at 8.25mm, which is pretty damned good, from what I hear. My estrogen was ‘a little low’ at 203 pg/mL, so I have added 2mg estr.ace vaginally. Which really amps up the fun, you know? One shot, two patches, a pill in the mouth and one in the vag . . .the carnival of wonders never ends.

I head back in on Friday for my ‘official’ lining check and blood draw. If all looks good, I will be ‘triggered’ with HCG. This is where my understanding of the process starts to disintegrate . . . the ‘trigger’ for the stimulation cycle makes sense to me, as it matures and helps to release the eggs. But, as far as I understand, I don’t have any eggs to release, thanks to the lup.ron, so . . .anyone get it and care to explain? In any case, I’m crossing all the things that the low estrogen is improved by the blue-green pill currently disintegrating in my vagina so that things can keep on keeping on.

I’m currently working from home, which today has meant doing some of the more mindless aspects of my job while a Law&Order SVU marathon plays in the background. I’m working from home so I can sign for the UPS package containing our NEW macb.ooks! Both La and I have been limping along with mac laptops from 8 or 9 years ago, trying to strategize how to pay for a new laptop (or two), when my parents volunteered to buy us a ‘wedding present’ for our recent illegal/legal Colorado marriage. I’m feeling awfully spoiled for riches right now, but I’m also not one to turn down the offer of a new computer. So, I’m a little distracted with excitement, you know?

Let’s see . . .what else is new and exciting?

  • We hosted the 4th of July Family BBQ, our first big family event at The Estate. Of course, an unusually heavy Colorado thunderstorm hit right at dinner, forcing the party of 14 inside our 1000sqft house just in time to eat. It was a little cozy, but we made it work and everyone seemed to have fun.
  • Sunday night saw us at the Denver Wran.gler, my favorite Bear bar (if you don’t know what a bear is – aside from the furry mammal found in the woods – let me know) with my favorite boys and bears and my last hoorah of boozy slushies. I’m not much of a drinker, but I do usually have a night or two a year where I go all out. Since I will (please please) be missing my usual occasions for the whole-hog drunkenness, Sunday it was. Thanks to my friend PB purchasing a jello shot filled syringe, my Monday was a little less than bright eyed and bushy tailed. Whoops.
  • I found out yesterday that our new employee at work (who I supervise) is an IVF baby! She’s the second person who is (pretty close to) my age who was born through IVF in my life. Since I am only three years younger than the famed Louise Brown (aka, the first ‘test tube baby’) – this feels sort of magical and significant. In any case, I think it has helped to normalize this process a little for me, knowing there are people in my life who were conceived via IVF and feel 100% awesome about it.

I’ve been using the FET meditation series every day, sometimes twice a day, and its been lovely and important and I’m so glad I decided to download it and was able to get it to work on my phone. I have another acupuncture appointment later this evening as well. I am doing everything I can to walk into this process with calm, grace and peace.



12 thoughts on “FET Day #7

  1. I suspect if you don’t trick your body into ovulation, the hormones won’t get triggered properly, and your chance of implantation after transfer goes down a lot. So, this is to try to mimic the natural process so all goes well. 🙂

  2. So…tell me about estrace-it’s such a tiny pill that I worry I’ll…err…not get it where it needs to go. As weird as it sounds the prometrium suppositories are easy now for me because I just stick it up there and push until It can’t go any farther, but I have to start estrace tonight and I’m weirded out.

    also, I can answer none of your questions. Whenever I think about the ins and outs of IVF my brains automatically goes “lalalalalalala” to avoid it.

  3. Would love to hear some of the answers to your questions. Lucky you with the macbooks! I’m dying for a new computer but it’s on hold til IVF gets figured out. Hope everything goes well for you this week.

  4. My god–you could be pregnant AND have a new macbook all in a span of (less than) two weeks. That’s like Christmas times a gazillion. Merry freaking Christmas! 🙂 All silliness aside, my guess on the trigger is that it has something to do with kicking the hormones in the right direction toward progesterone production or something like that?

  5. Lots of awesome in this post! I think maybe a puppy picture could have rounded it out well 😉 I never went to the wrangler but I walked by once and everyone was intimidatingly tall. Jealous of your new computers! I have a PowerBookG4 circa 2004 and it definitely limps. I hope your next blood work is spot on and this is the last time you have to have all those pills inserted everywhere.

  6. My cousin is an IVF baby, and he’s 28. We never thought anything of it – a baby is a baby! He’s never mentioned it and I think he couldn’t care less about being a “test tube” baby! P.S. about 8 years later, my aunt was surprised to get pregnant the old fashioned way, because she assumed she wouldn’t be able to after struggling to conceive him!

  7. Ohhhh Mac Books! (Cos I’ve already done the OHHHHH FET comment). Lucky, lucky, lucky! We were given a total of around $1500 for our civil union (wedding) back in early 2012 and spent it on some fertility treatment or flights for the wife’s bro (our donor) or something. I should’ve put it towards a Mac Book instead! All good things are coming your way right now. I would love a new computer – this one is a 2008 sony vaio and struggles, my iPhone is totally overloaded and struggles too. I predict they will both die within days of each other. IN fact – it could be today as I have them both plugged into the power (as laptop battery doesn’t work), and we have a full on cyclone type storm going on with power surges galore…

  8. Not sure why they’re triggering you, but my best guess is to make sure your body switches modes into your luteal phase? Our clinic does a totally different regimen of drugs. They do estrace from day 3 and continues until past pregnancy test, then add two kinds of prometrium from day 15 on. No Lupron.

    I’m using a 2008 MacBook 😦 Sounds like you’ll have shiny new tech to blog from!

    How many 5-day embabies did you end up having from your retrieval?

  9. I have no answers to your questions, but I sure do hope this cycle works for ya! I have all appendages crossed for ya! I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation!

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