I forgot! The Clinic Crazies

This was totally on my list of things to blog about and then I forgot because the macs showed up . . .They are, as expected, shiny and sexy and gorgeous . . .and tiny and light! So grateful for this gift!

So . . .As I’ve mentioned, I frequently go to one of my clinic’s satellite offices for blood draws and ultrasounds when I can, as the office is about 5 minutes from work, instead of the 40+ of the main building. For 90% of my visits, I have been the only person in the waiting room when I arrive, and for the remaining 10%, there has been one other person and/or couple there, quietly chatting or reading a bad doctors office magazine or looking sad/awkward/uncomfortable, sometimes all three simultaneously.

Yesterday when I arrived, there were two boys, somewhere between 10-12, sitting in a corner playing with some action figures, pretty loudly. They were also messily eating the caramel corn that the clinic, oddly, provides in single serve packages in all of their offices. (I have long found this a very weird phenomenon, but also it seemed sort of charming. I have never eaten the popcorn, nor have I ever witnessed anyone else eating it, although my cousin reported he eats a bag every time they go in to ‘get his money’s worth.’) There was no parent anywhere in sight, so I assumed their caregiver was getting dildo-wanded or something equally awkward to have your son (and his friend? cousin? brother?) witness. And also, it made me think about how I wouldn’t parent in this situation, i.e.: really? you brought your school age child to the fertility clinic? (La did point out its summer and childcare might be hard to come by, to which I argued 10-12 is stay-at-home-alone age, which she protested . . .so, guess we’ll cross that bridge someday down the line.)

I was called back for my own dildo wanding (calling into question if the mom/caregiver was as well, since there is only one ultrasound tech at the office) and, after getting the good news about my cushy lining, went back to the waiting room while the phlebotomist finished with her previous patient.

Now the waiting room was full of people, but most notably, there was a very awkward and frumpy looking heterosexual couple talking VERY loudly and googly-eyeing an ultrasound printout. So, obvs, they were pregnant. Which I would have known because of their incredibly high value exclamations indicating such. I was about thisclose to turning to them and saying something like: “listen, we all know you’re excited to be pregnant because, if you’re here, it means it took some time and effort for it to happen, but for God sakes, shut the fuck up about it and save your ebullience for the parking lot because most of the other people in this room AREN’T pregnant and are still trying really hard to GET pregnant and you, of all people, should have some damned sensitivity about that.”

But I didn’t. I just rolled my eyes. Also, the kids were still there, meaning they were also not waiting on a parent getting a blood draw which means, in my humble opinion, they should have been with their parent/caregiver because they kind of made me reconsider this whole parenting thing.

That’s the addendum to the update! 


7 thoughts on “I forgot! The Clinic Crazies

  1. It’s so funny you mentioned this. When I went for my appointment yesterday, this couple came in with a toddler and a slightly older child. They were running around the waiting room screeching and playing and their parents were oblivious to all of the dirty looks people we’re shooting them. I’m sorry, but kids just don’t belong in fertility clinics. If you’ve gotta do it at least try to be sensitive to the people around you. Ugh.

  2. I remember getting my first ultrasound at my clinic. It was weird. I had this weird feeling of guilt for the people in the Waiting room. I stuck it in my purse and looked at it in the car.

    I also often question my parenting limit when I see kids in public….. I think it is hard to understand if you don’t know the kids or have bonded with them. I know when my class starts up I think holy shit but by the next month I love them all. So my point is – we can all have faith we will love and enjoy our children.

    It’s cute you guys are already having disagreements on parenting. M
    And I do as well. Mostly about tv in bedrooms and technology usage. Manners are extremely important to me being Canadian and all and I am SO glad we are on the same page.

  3. I remember hearing about a fertility center that had separate waiting areas for people with kids and people without. The place we used to knock my wife up had big signs reminding people to be sensitive about the exact issues you describe. I really appreciated that. No notes about ultrasound squeeing, though–you’d think that would be obvious to folks but apparently someone confused obvious with oblivious. I’m impressed that you managed with just an eye roll.

  4. Geez, you think someone who’d struggled with infertility would be a little bit sensitive to those around them, and try to control their excitement just a little. My RE clinic specifically asks patients not to bring their kids with them because it can be painful for other patients. I love them for that.

  5. Both times we were pregnant and we got ultra sounds we celebrated with the staff, I understand sensitivity but women going through fertility treatments are part of a sisterhood (in my opinion) and even if its not my turn to be pregnant or I just lost my son at 20 weeks I know that these are women who TRULY want a baby and aren’t just having uh-oh pregnancies…its something worth celebrating, even in a fertility clinic…but that is just me 🙂 As far as bringing kids, I’m guilty of that as well – when I fostered my 14 year old nephew I brought him to almost every appointment and he had to wait by himself in the waiting room…sometimes you have to do what you have to do — just the other side of the coin 🙂 Maybe it is different for you guys because of the relationship you have with your fertility office – ours are family to us and we went as far as using the last name of our nurse as our daughters middle name…so when we found out we were expecting it was smiles and cheers all around. Showing off ultra sounds, etc. When I was there and not pregnant I would celebrate with the other women coming out because I was truly happy for them…they’re the only women out there that truly know what you and your wife are going through, yanno what I mean?

  6. I know I’m late to comment on this, but when I went for my CD 3’s this last go round there was a mom with what I would guess was a one year old boy at my clinic. He was adorable and making one year old boy sounds and I wanted to die inside. And they called her back shortly after I was called back so I ended up seeing her in phlebotomy and stuff too. I was just like “really? You just really had to bring him here of all places?”

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