FET Day #10

I’m really on a roll with the blog posts this week, eh? Are you sick of seeing me pop up in your reader yet?

I’ll make this one short: Went in today for the final lining check before transfer, and the ol’ endo is measuring at 11mm, trilaminar – which is exactly as it should be! Still waiting on the call with E2 levels, but I was given my HCG ‘trigger’ this morning at the office, and I received my FET instructions and appointment time, so I think I can say with some certainty we are a go for next thursday. 

I also met Ice-T for the first time, and my impression did not improve. She was the kind of person I expected her to be (I’m not sure what I mean by that, exactly, just that I pictured her as she was – small and shifty) and spent a lot of time talking but not much listening. Whatever. I hiked my dress up and she gave me a shot of HCG to the ass and drew some circles on my hips so La can do the progesterone-in-oil shots, starting bright and early tomorrow morning.

My insomnia has not improved. (Is it insomnia if I can’t fall asleep at night but could – I believe – fall asleep at my standing desk in the middle of the day?) After a double dose of generic zquil (nyquil without the cold and flu meds) I finally fell asleep around 3am. But I can’t keep downing a double dose of sleeping meds, and if it really is the estrogen, its only going to get worse – tomorrow I bump up to 4 mini.velle patches – and continue (if this works – please God let it work – I will continue with both estr.ace and the patches until 12 weeks) and I need something sustainable.

Ice-T recommended benedryl, which is not a bad idea since I have nasty allergies anyway, and I’m notoriously dead to the world when on benedryl. So, ima try that tonight and throw in some additional tricks like extra lavender oil and sleepy time tea. Open to suggestions, friends. (FWIW, the thing I am most afraid in becoming a parent is losing sleep. It sounds trivial but its really important to me. I want to enjoy sleeping now as much as I can, so I feel a little PO’d about having my sleep taken away before there is a tiny human – alive or gestating – to justify it)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday (or another day, for my friends in the pacific!) 


13 thoughts on “FET Day #10

  1. Ha. It’s funny, because oral progesterone knocks me on my ass. You should ask your RE if you can take prometrium oral just to give your embies another boost AND help you get some rest. Seriously if I take one and stay up another hour I am literally so drowsy that it makes me dizzy. I miss being able to take it by mouth (for multiple reasons).

  2. Benadryl doesn’t make me sleepy at all. Nor does melatonin, which gave me horrible hot flashes. I think people are far too casual taking it. But I also have allergies. What helped my sleep partially was going back to the breathe right strips. Now what keeps me awake is discomfort with my hips and stuff, not my breathing. So check into that as well. Also, look into a foot bath about a half hour before bed. Add epsom salt, white rice vinegar, and then a little lavender oil if you want. It’s based in chinese medicine and can be very helpful. Much better than a full bath. It pulls the energy out of the upper body, where it typically sits in us, and balances it back out. I need to start doing that again actually.

  3. Melatonin has always worked for me, to make me sleepy, but without the hangover after effects. I hope you get to sleeping better! AND, can’t wait until official FET!!

  4. One of the oldest remedies for sleep is milk – it increases production of serotonin (the sleep hormone) relax with a glass of milk ten minutes or so before bed. Also, watch your sleep hygiene – no electronics for at least 30 minutes before bed, keep the room as dark as possible and not too warm (between 60 and 68 being recommended, 65 being ideal) Be careful with lavender – too much can actually be stimulating.
    Best of luck

  5. When i have insomnia i go on youtube and search HYPNOTIC BEDTIME STORIES…the woman’s name is Jody Whitely…trust me! Like 3 minutes in I’m snoring like a banshee! And best of luck! Make sure you’re well rested (one can only hope), and relxed (easier said than done). I’m praying for you!

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