Ok, I did it. I peed on another stick. Here are some camera pictures for your assessment:

2014-07-22 09.17.45

Comparison – yesterdays test on the left, today’s on the right. Keeping in mind the one on the left from 4dp5dt looks a little lighter after drying

2014-07-22 09.18.17

Today’s by itself

And for comparison’s sake, yesterday’s by itself again: 2014-07-21 09.56.40


It looks darker today, right? It does to me.

When I saw it, my heart settled a bit into my chest. I still don’t feel like this is definitive proof that I am pregnant. I still don’t think this is a purely legitimate positive. But it seems like a good sign, right? Not having previously been a POASer (I generally took a single test somewhere between 12-14 DPO and saw nothing but white) I don’t have a lot of analysis about tests. 

So, right now, I feel a sense of calm. I also feel a weird sensation spreading through me, and it is “I could actually be pregnant. This could be real.” Its not something I’m used to – like many of us, I am so used to seeing empty windows on pregnancy tests that I couldn’t fathom any other reality. But I’m starting to believe this could be true. 


22 thoughts on “5dp5dt

  1. It looks darker to us!!!! We’re seriously excited as if that’s our hpt. Lol. 🙂 we are sending positive vibes your way!!

  2. I just got so freaking excited when I saw another post from you. I’m obsessing right along with you and I totally think it looks darker today regardless of drying. If it gets darker tomorrow I’d be preparing myself for a great beta!!! I’m sending every ounce of positivity your way.

  3. 100% Darker!!

    Side note… I was following you and now I’m not…what up with that wordpress? I fixed it though

  4. Bearing in mind the 20 units of novarel, I still say this is looking promising (and I have way more POAS experience with 8 failed pregnancies than I’d wish on anyone so I am not just blowing sunshine up your tookus).

  5. Oh man. I am just so happy – the line looks darker to me! I hope to all that is positive and awesome that this is your time. I just can’t wait to find out!!

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