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Someone on a blog I follow refers to their partner as TSP for “The Silent Partner” which is a pseudonym I highly respect and wish I had thought of first. Alas, I did not and La got stuck with a less than hilarious nom de blog. Sorry baby. 

For the majority of the blog journey, La’s involvement has been limited to asking me, semi-regularly, “what’s up with your blog friend’s these days?” And I’ll recount to her your victories, losses, hilarious stories. She doesn’t always know all of you as individuals the way I do, but she keeps up pretty well.

But she’s taken a more active interest lately, and has started following this blog more religiously (thank God I had the foresight not to talk any shit. Not that I had any shit to talk . . .) and is particularly interested in the comments from the peanut gallery on things such as the darkness of urine HPT lines . . .

I took this morning’s picture at approximately the 5 minute mark. However, La was quick to point out that it got darker. Which is, in fact true. She wanted me to note this. She wanted, also, for me to post a new picture. Since I left the tests at home, she obliged by sending me this:


Now, please note that ALL of the tests in this picture are dry, which means they are all technically ‘invalid’ since we a ‘reading’ them past the accurate time frame. But, I think La’s point is important – the test did get darker (within the read time) and continues to be darker now. 

At any rate, thanks for indulging my crazy. Some of you have wisely suggested we wait to take any additional tests. And that advice is sound. But I’m not taking it, because I am fully involved in this thing now and, well, I think I need to see it through. I recognize the insanity of what I am engaging with, and I’m doing so anyway. 

I do think that by any accounting, the booster shot should have been gone by this morning, and any positive is probably a good sign. Thanks for affirming that, and for being honest with me, y’all.

Hopefully I have won some points with my hot wife today. 



34 thoughts on “From La

  1. It’s totally darker. I see a pretty good progression in those dry tests! If nothing else, at least obsessing over test results helps pass the time. Plus, following along with them is better than a soap opera and I am desperate for distraction. Keep them coming and I will keep crossing available parts for you!

  2. My vote is on darker. And I’m sorry for equivocating earlier, but after 8 lost pregnancies I’m a little reluctant to blow smoke up anyone else’s behinds as I really hate being sucker punched myself. But you two are looking like three – yippee!!!

    • For the record, I appreciate your equivocating – because I hate all the false bullshit positivity that can happen in this world. I mean, yeah ‘it only takes one’ and all those other platitudes but also this is already hard enough without sugercoating it in ‘baby dust’, as I know you know.

  3. I think this is for real. My walmart tests always took until they were dry to show a full progression. Even at 5 weeks with an hcg of 15000

  4. I think it’s definitely darker now and darker in comparison to the other, personally I have a very strong feeling your pregnAnt this time. I will impatiently be watching your blog until the beta….and will continue throughout your pregnancy. I can’t wait to congratulate you! Ps I’d love to be able to.send you something in the mail if you’d let me have you address?

  5. Oh yeah. That’s a fairly standard progression. I used these for all four of my pregnancies (and used them to test out falling hCG levels too, since I miscarried all four) and that is the same darkening progression that I saw.

    SQUEE! 😀

    • Ok, so . . .this comment makes me sad because I didn’t know that you have had recurrent losses and it breaks my heart because you were still my first TTC friend and I was really, really hoping there was a different story I didn’t know. So, thank you and . . .whew. heartbreaker.

      • Oh crap, I’m sorry, I forgot that you didn’t know. I would not have been so cavalier in posting had I remembered.

        Yeah, It’s been rough. They were all very early losses, though, and my doc thinks that some natural progesterone cream + daily aspirin in the luteal phase will do the trick. I’ve tried the aspirin, but this cycle is the first where I’ll be trying the cream as well. Fingers crossed!

        But enough about me! Yay for you! You and La have been through so much. I’m overjoyed at the thought that this might be the one! ::hugs::

      • are you still blogging about all of this? If so, you must have fallen off my reader! If you are not publically documenting all of this, then . . .well . . .I understand. Hoping the progesterone does the trick!

      • I deleted my old blog and started a new one entitled Gravida 4, Para 0 on WordPress. My old one was with Blogger, I think. Even so, I still don’t write about it as much as I could.

  6. We were worried about testing after our IVF cycle because honestly, the only thing worse than a negative is a false positive, but because it’s getting darker, it looks pretty promising. We’re hoping for u just as much as ur hoping! That beta will alleviate a lot of stress. We texted the day after the beta just because, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell u that it turned positive in a matter of seconds! So time how long it’s taking each time u test…probably the shorter wait time is a great thing! Either way, so happy for u guys!

  7. I would take a test every day because I’m crazy like that, so pee on sister! It definitely looks darker each day.
    btw I refer to everyone as my blog friends too and the spouse asks the same thing, which I think is cute.

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