Your Daily Pee Stick Update: 7dp5dt

Still positive. 🙂

 Although not any darker. Still . . . I feel fairly certain the 20 units of HCG is gone gone gone, by literally any accounting (we are almost 80 hours past those 20 units, so whether that half life is 24 or 36 or somewhere in between, those false HCG levels are less than 5 by now) and also at the equivalent of 12 DPO (a highly legit day to get a ‘real’ positive) so I’m in the line is a line is a line camp.

Am I fooling myself? Is it time to bust out the FRER? 


11 thoughts on “Your Daily Pee Stick Update: 7dp5dt

  1. We didn’t go through IVF, so I can’t really say too much, but at 10 days post insemination on the successful attempt that is exactly what the line looked like. I hope this is success for you! It’s such a roller coaster ride.

  2. haha i’m getting my poas fix from you. we’re going to start poas this weekend ;p This looks promising for you. I think its frer time for you!

  3. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s results (and the next day, etc until you get a positive beta on Monday). 🙂 I think FRER can detect 5, but it’s definitely the only one. Also, I may be wrong, I’m not an expert on these things.

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