This day

A few things happened:


Which is awesome.
And this:


Also super awesome!  Liam made it 365 days! 

But also hard things:
– Liam bit it on our concrete patio and got a bloody nose and fat lip and was inconsolable for hours.  Nothing like delivering your nephew to his first birthday party with a split lip.
– our water heater leaked and shorted and is dead.  The first estimate we got to replace it was $2200.  We have another plumber coming out tomorrow to give us another estimate.  It’s going to be expensive no matter what.  And until we get it fixed,  we have no hot water. First world  problems,  totally,  but problems still.
– I am gradually feeling crummier and weepier making it harder for me to handle all of this. 

So with that,  I am going to bed. 


19 thoughts on “This day

  1. First, yay!!!! And seriously, you will cry for no reason at times. I found it worse early on compared to now. I mean, i get more emotional but I don’t actually cry for no reason. lol I know it’s weird, but enjoy the insanity of it!

  2. The pictures are not annoying. This is a huge deal and those of us who are losing hope are either excited for you or will tune out if it hurts too much (which may translate into annoying). I’m really happy for you about this pregnancy and sorry about the home repair and split Liam lip. Hugs about the tears – get used to ’em!

  3. Looks like you’re going to start feeling even more crummier for awhile, for the best possible reason clearly! 🙂

  4. NOT annoying! Very exciting. I remember just how truly magical everyone of those positive tests felt. I did about 6 each pregnancy. The crying – oh I did a lot of that too. I remember watching a talk show (which I never usually do) and balling my eyes out and laughing at the same time as I felt it was so hilarious to be crying about it! Oh and the angry hungryness – boy oh boy!

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