Beta Monday

I won’t leave you waiting in suspense any longer (and trust me when I am telling you that I am updating you as soon as possible after getting the call. Those a-holes left me hanging waaaay too long!)

Beta #1= 198

Doc likes to see it above 50 at this point (11dp5dt) so I feel pretty good about that number.

I should have felt down right sure about things after this happened last night:



But we all know there is no such thing as confidence in this game! And know that, as good as I feel right now, I won’t feel truly confident until Thursday. But, I do think I finally feel okay saying that I’m pregnant. 

In other news, the water heater/plumbing saga has, of course, grown. Last night during our second estimate, we discovered that the well guy (because apparently there are no plumbers in the area who will both do work on a well and a water heater) had screwed something up and the well was, literally, gushing water at the pump site – water which had then proceeded to pool in our crawl space. We turned the well pump off and were officially without ANY water.

We called the well plumber back, and he said he could come over. Of course, this meant forgoing our Indigo Girls tickets (luckily we found some friends who were willing to buy them, at least saving us from eating the cash we’d spent) and hanging out without a flushable toilet. But, the well guy came and fixed the problem and it didn’t cost us THAT much, in the grand scheme of plumbing.

This morning, the water heater dude came back (we went with estimate #2, which was barely less expensive but could be done quicker) and casually mentioned that he would also have to put a sump pump in, since our water heater is in the (dirt floored) crawl space and had no where to drain in an emergency (which prompted the initial problem) – which was going to set us back another chunk of change, but was required by code. I spent the morning working awkwardly from my bedroom with the dogs eagerly trying to go investigate. La got home a few hours ago and tagged me out.

Luckily, I was able to grab a shower at work (God bless our awkward basement office with three bathrooms to a staff of 7 and a shower that is mostly used as storage but is, in fact, still functional!) to get cleaned up before my big meeting (heading there in 15 minutes) so that at least my hair isn’t oily and disheveled, just wet and flat. 

To top things off, both La and I managed to pick up a pretty icky cold (I’m guessing from our little friend Liam) that includes sore throats, runny noses and plenty of sneezing. I’m being a total baby about it mostly because tylenol is my only available drug and it, frankly, sucks. Pregnancy friendly cures for a cold would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for cheering me on, friends. La has made me swear off the pee sticks, so the one above is your final glimpse into the madness.




42 thoughts on “Beta Monday

  1. We need a do-over of this post. You can’t say “I’m pregnant” and then launch into a story about plumbing. Lol. (I hope you know how very much I’m kidding.) CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! You’ve got this!

  2. Ginger. Specifically candied ginger. We use it for morning sickness and it also helps with a cold. For a cold we chop up some candied ginger and put it in hot water with some lemon juice and apple cider vinegar and honey to make a tea. As you drink the tea eat the chunks of ginger.

    I recommend making your own candied ginger as any bought stuff we have tried tasted like soap. We are pretty sure it is because they add salt in the process for preserving. We did that once and came up with the same soap taste.

    Be Leary on how much you have but we find this helps a lot with colds.

    Huge congrats on the official beta positive. Can’t wait to see ultrasounds.

  3. Official congrats! My personal review of the show was that the Indigo Girls were great, in spite of Emily’s cold or allergies or something. She was a trooper. Their set was short due to Mary Chapin Carpenter, which I found horribly boring and slow. Now, I’m not familiar with her work in general, but every single song was the same slooooooow tempo. Nothing drew me in. So I wish it wasn’t a co-headlining show. The CSO with IG was amazing though. But if you were going just for them, it was an hour and perhaps not worth it amongst the drama at home. 🙂

  4. Yay!!!! I’m so happy for you two! For a cold, my midwife suggested a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the bottom of my tub while taking a hot shower. Also, I put several drops in a big bowl, poured boiling water in the bowl and then sat with my face over the bowl with a towel over my head. It really helped! Tylenol doesn’t get rid of the cold symptoms, but it may take away a headache if the head cold is causing one. Lots of rest and water too! Feel better soon! Oh! Also, emergen-c is fine to take while pregnant.

  5. YAY!!!!!

    Eucalyptus oil in a shot of water…..yummy, not, but it’s not as bad as the usual combo with oil of oregano which you can’t take anymore!

    Ginger is good too, but sparingly, because…and get ready for 9 months of unsolicited advice… there have been some links to birth defects with high consumption of ginger. However read the research and make up your own mind because I can pretty much guarantee that anything that you do for the next 36 weeks can be linked to some horrific outcome which people are more than happy to remind you about….kinda like I just did….oops?

    • Ginger is too spicy for me, but the only things that helped with nausea at all are the newman’s own organic ginger mints. No way you’ll take too many I suspect, and they actually help somewhat.

  6. That’s a GREAT number – congratulations! As for pregnancy-friendly cold cures, the only thing that ever worked for me was a sadistically delivered acupuncture needle to my sinuses via my nose. I cried like (you guessed it) a baby but I could breathe later that day for the first time in well over a week. Eucalyptus didn’t work unless I actually had some residual ability to inhale through my nose; if you’re lucky in that dept., go nuts! Tylenol is useless (and I say this as someone for whom it has been the only permissible analgesic for the past 4+years). The plumbing stuff sucks but… I am so happy for you and LA!

  7. Benadryl is safe to take during pregnancy, too. Of course you may end up SLEEPING through all of your work things…I *told* you you were pregnant. Congratulations! 😀

  8. I just squealed and squealed! Kim looked at me like a nutball, but I don’t care, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you both!!!!!! ❤

  9. Official congrats! 😀 Plumbing is vital, especially for a pregnant woman. FYI, I’ve heard many more good things about they Mayo Clinic’s Pregnancy book than about the WTEWYE.

  10. Whee! How exciting! I’m so happy for you! I feel like I’ve been reading about your unsuccessful tries for so long–this truly is fantastic news! IVF is pretty awesome…I’m looking at my beautiful, sleeping result as I type this…

  11. Wahoo! I am so super happy for you and La. It’s been a long journey and you have shown so much strength and perseverance. I’m excited to follow along for the next 9 months and beyond!

  12. CONGRATS.. Officially!!! Super exciting. Glad all the plumbing is sorted so you have one less thing to worry about now that you are PREGNANT! skip and twirl for the 3 of you (or 4) ;p

  13. I think I “liked” this post already but I couldn’t stop myself from also writing to say “ahhhhhhhhhhh! congratulations!” This is it! This is it! Its really happening! So very happy for you and look forward to following you through this amazing adventure ahead!!

  14. Woot woot! I never had a beta or anything like that so I honestly have no idea what that all means but yay anyway!

    As for the plumbing issue…oh lord, did we have a clusterfuck to deal with after the flood last year. I think you read my bitching on the subject but it boiled down to 6 weeks without my laundry as the sump pump dried out our basement. We also missed being inside the “no flush zone” by about two blocks which I thanked my lucky stars for since I was 7 months pregnant at the time and that shit lasted almost 2 months. We had a professional sump installed before we left so the renters won’t flood. It seems like a pain but trust me, it is really worth having. If we didn’t have our small pump when the flood happened we would have been royally fucked.

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