Oh man. It’s been a helluva week. And yes, I’m well aware the week just passed it’s midpoint.

Due in part to my less-than-stellar time management last week, this week has been pretty grueling. The fall is always my big training season, since I work with schools, but somehow I forgot how exhausting training by yourself all day can be. This week I had a two day training that required more than average prep time, serious work on adapting a curriculum, and my usual co-trainer is now being co-opted by a different grant, so I’m flying solo. This + newly growing a tiny human means that I have been running on fumes for the last 5 days. Being out of the office for two days then meant everyone scheduling meetings with me all morning today.

It’s 3pm on Thursday and I’ve finally taken a good, deep breath. 

That’s my excuse for the dearth of posts since my ranty-pants Saturday night diabtribe. It’s also my excuse for not publicly thanking my two really fabulous blog friends who have gifted me with fun newly pregnant presents!

Super special thanks to Alicia at Ladylove & Babydust for some adorable little baby treats to brighten up our house. It feels really special to me that, although many of us have never met – and might never meet – support one another and build legitimate friendships and community. I’ve got all of the things crossed that there is a long lasting second line in your future, girl. xoxo.

And also amazing thanks to dear, kind, and eloquent The Unexpected Trip who gifted me with a copy of the Mayo Center’s Guide to Pregnancy and a bonus journal – both boons she passed along. I’ve always much loved hand-me-down books, even when they are only technically so!

Of course, the excitement hasn’t JUST been prezies and too much work. This morning I went to the bathroom and got my first chunky brown discharge (well, technically it was more of a sludgy green, thanks to the estradiol I take vaginally) which sent me directly to panic mode, do not pass go, do not collect $200. There hasn’t been any more since then, so I think my anxiety has slowed to a low simmer for now.

Ice-T, of course, responded that this is 100% normal and not to worry. But, she did also schedule me for a TSH and free T4 draw at my next lab appointment, which I pretty well insisted on. When I initially got the call with my positive beta, I asked for this to be scheduled, and was told by the sub nurse that they would check it at my “OB” (actually, PA) appointment at 7w. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I thought this was B.S. and I wanted it checked before that. Tuesday is my next lab appointment, and I’ll be 6+4 by then. . . Small comfort, but some.

Oh, also . . .as I understand, there’s been a lot of recent pregnancies in the IF blogosphere, and I just wanted to say a few things:

  • If you are an IF blogger who isn’t pregnant yet and you don’t wanna follow me anymore, I would 100% understand and not be at all judgey.
  • I totally understand if you are feeling love/hate (or just hate) at this time because it fucking sucks to feel like you’ve been left behind, and that’s how this shit feels. 
  • I’m gonna keep following y’all and rooting you on and telling you how bad ass you are, unless you’d prefer I don’t. If that’s the case, just tell me straight up – no harm, no foul. Cause this shit is hard and there’s no getting around it. And we all should feel free to do whatever we have to do.

That’s about it . . .not really a lot to report from pregnancy land. I continue to feel exhausted, nauseated all day e’ry day, and have an exceptionally dry mouth (a handicap when you are a trainer, for sure.) I also had my first official pregnancy puke on Tuesday, thanks to the smell of the dingy work kitchen sponge. So, high fives on that? Only nausea since then, though. I’m hoping to keep my pregnancy puke count to a minimum. 



14 thoughts on “Work/Thanks/Scares/Blogs/Puke

  1. This is super funny post. Good to hear from you! Your VERY welcome for the gifts (as small and silly as they were) I’m glad you got them! I’m just so damn stoked for your guys! Hoping your crossed everything is for good measure. So far all blanks over here (still early I keep saying). Ugh

  2. I’ve had to unfollow some people because my feed got way to pregnanty, and i just didn’t care enough about some of the people to keep up with their story… But i totally have always loved reading your blog and plan to stick around, even if the plague of BFPs lately had been hard to take.

  3. I have to echo your sentiment on how awesome all of these new found “friends” are. It’s nice to know that sometimes your “crazy” isn’t just yours, and have people share in your joys and sadness. Seems like you’ve made some long lasting relationships…can’t wait to see pics of your u/s and your little peanut…

  4. OMG. That’s amazing. I know it’s been building up and building up what with the tests but I can imagine you just couldn’t believe it, but now it’s totally here. We’re so happy for you.


  5. Ps. Totally couldn’t unfollow you guys.

    I know it can be hard when peeps are going all BFP, but it’s not like it’s been easy for you guys – you totally deserve it.

  6. Woohoo to feeling like crap! 😉 Hopefully the nausea will only last through the first trimester. I found eating a saltine or equally bland cracker before I got out of bed each morning helped a little.

  7. I hope the nausea stays within reasonable limits for you. Your success gives me hope, and I appreciate every ounce of it. Thinking nothing but the best for you guys, and I would never dream of unfollowing you!

  8. I got super lucky and never threw up when I was pregnant, though I did feel like it from time to time. I had an UNREAL sense of smell the first trimester and it really sucked. I worked at a bank and we had a lot of Indian restaurant owners coming in and I could smell the spices and stuff from their restaurant and it was no bueno. The closest I ever came to hurling was when a customer belched in my face — not even kidding — which would be disgusting enough even without hyper pregnancy nose. Gag. I did have a lovely two week period when the only thing I could even stand to consume was string cheese, oatmeal, and croissants.

  9. So happy to hear you are pukey 😉 I mean, I hope you aren’t for long, but its soooo awesome that the reason for your pukey is such an excellent adventure that awaits you! AND. get yourself some papaya tablets, ginger candies, and a peppermint bath. All these things really helped me out with my sickness! Hang in there, its going to be awesome!

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