Actually there (7w3d)

I wasn’t even that nervous this morning before the ultrasound. I slept ok (minus bulldog shenanigans. If the bulldogs ain’t happy, don’t nobody sleep well) and woke up 95% excited and only 5% terrified. Very different from even the beta mornings. I think puking while brushing my teeth has begun to convince me I’m actually pregnant for reelz. 

And, I am. 

2014-08-18 11.23.07

Seafoam chillaxin in his gestational sac with his little (giant?) yolk sac buddy.


Seafoam is measuring in at 7w2d which – depending on which medical provider I’m talking to at the clinic – is either exactly where he should be, or close enough to count. (Apparently no one can make up their mind if I am 7w2d or 7w3d today, and whether my due date is April 3 or 4th. Not that it especially matters but given that literally every part of this process has been tracked down to the minutia you’d think they might be able to agree.) Crown-Rump length is 11.32mm. Heart rate was a gorgeous 141 beats per minute. I started weeping right there on the table when I saw him. As clear as I am that the image above happened when the dildo-cam was inside my vagina, I’m still feeling a little weird that I am sitting here, on the really actually pregnant side of this experience. 

Not much else to report, in either pregnancy or the other parts of my life. I spent a lot of the weekend sleeping, which was nice. Friday I had some more rage, this time directed at the woman I supervise who decided not to tell me that she decided NOT to apply for a grant that we need, after taking the task on. I spent the day writing that grant and  had to deal with her sassy e-mail as well. She’s out today, which is probably best. I haven’t quite decided how I want to address the situation in person.

I did also, finally, hear back about my TSH (thyroid) which I asked to have tested after my first HCG beta. I got put off for a while on it, but kept insisting. It was drawn last week and, conveniently, no one called me with the results. When I asked about it this morning (again, had to push) I found out my TSH was back up to close to 5. Not awful, but much higher than ideal for pregnancy. They upped my meds but . . .WTF? After being so insistent about NOT starting stims for IVF until my thyroid was under control, y’all are just gonna act like its no big deal when I’m actually pregnant? Ugh. 




25 thoughts on “Actually there (7w3d)

  1. OMG OMG. You are like proper pregggers. That’s amazing. We’re so excited for you.

    Ps. Did you get our email? I’m not sure whether our email is playing silly sods again.


  2. Yay for Seafoam! I tried about 5 different tooth pastes. I couldn’t brush my teeth without gagging until after I delivered-some days all I could do was dry hump my teeth with the tooth brush and rinse with Listerine….it was pitiful.

  3. I can relate with so much of this post! The pregnancy symptoms (nausea mostly) started to make a believer out of me. Though if I start feeling better, the nerves creep in immediately. I also had an abnormal TSH reading (mine is below normal range) but the docs are not concerned. They are just testing again at 28 weeks. I’ve not been dx with thyroid problems before, though my mother, sibling, grandmother, and every maternal aunt has. But anyway I was reading that abnormal thyroid readings are very common in the first trimester. Hang in there and congrats to you and yours!!!

  4. Wow wow wow! Seafoam is a beaut! And looks very relaxed chilling on his/her very cushy yolk sac. Congrats to you and La. Yeah, the thyroid thing is funny. My endo is super strict about me getting blood draws monthly and seeing her afterwards for results. All of these appts are gonna be like a part-time job! But it’s super important- and has been found to impact the cognitive abilities of your baby later in life. Glad it’s been checked. I hope I get to see my little spark’s heartbeat in a few weeks.

  5. Did I miss something? Did you do genetic testing and know the gender or just using the general term “he/him”? Anyway…congrats, good baking lady he’s looking gorge!!! Every time I see your updates I get giddy!

    • I think I put this in a password protected post but yes, we did find out the sex on the day of transfer. We kept it quiet until we knew the pregnancy was established, but we’re pretty out about it now! Seafoam is definitely XY – we’ll see if that translates to what we think it will!

  6. I’m just sooooo very very excited for you. I just can’t contain it. I also wondered if you had found out the gender, or if its just what you are going with until you find out as far as pronouns. However, I’m predicting a boy now anyway! 😉

  7. Woohoo! That’s fabulous! Go, little Seafoam!
    Sorry you’re feeling puke-y, even if it’s a good sign.
    And as for your employee, no wonder you’re mad! Your rage about that doesn’t sound hormone-related to me–it sounds like a perfectly reasonable response, given the circumstances.

  8. OK, I don’t know what the heck happened, but for some reason WordPress unfollowed you? I totally blame wordpress because it sure as hell wasn’t me. I am so mad! I just figured you’ve been quiet because you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Grrrr.

    All that aside… yay! Beautiful ultrasound pic! So exciting!

  9. OMG what a beauty he is?! I also thought you were just using “he” as a general pronoun. Read the other posts and that is awesome you can find out THAT early. omg you’re having a boy!!! he is loving that sac. great post!

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