8w4d – Seafoam has feet!

Life – and early pregnancy – just keep trucking along.

Friday was our first midwife appointment. After doing some research about our options and the kind of birth I’d like (at least, based on how I feel right now) we decided to go with the midwives at the large, urban hospital – which is, also, the closest to us. Lots of folks have had things to say about this. This hospital is also home to the public ‘drunk tank,’ the free clinic system, and public health programs. This is ‘the people’s hospital.’ Which is, in some respects, why we chose it.

It also has the lowest C-section rate, and the best score for early best practices, such as skin-to-skin time and lactation support. And, it regularly serves low income folks with the entire array of sexual and reproductive health services, from birth control to L&D to abortion. I want my money (and my insurance company’s money!) to go to this hospital.

I’m not gonna lie, it is NOT the chi-chi fertility clinic. (and oh, I am grateful!) Our appointment’s are at a clinic in our part of town, which has a specialized women’s care area, but also houses the more general adult and pediatric clinics. And, in general, its a very different setting than the average doctor’s office. Lots of folks sitting and waiting, numbers being called to register, babies crying and folks with all their worldly possessions sitting next to them. Downstairs is the women’s clinic, which is separate from the more chaotic areas, but still friendly and full of people.

I think we are probably the first IVF pregnancy the clinic has seen recently – maybe ever. Our nurse was fascinated by the information we already had, but still treated us like every other patient. They explained all of the tests they run and gave me the option to decline or accept (not what I’m used to, for sure) and talked through how our care would be managed. (I am on a thyroid medication and an anti-anxiety drug that make me somewhat more complicated than some midwife patients.) And I just loved every minute of it! Really, they’re so great. I go back on Sept 19th, when I’ll be 12 weeks on the dot.

Yesterday was our “9 week scan” at the fertility clinic (which must actually occur before 9 weeks, which is why it happened at 8w3d) and everything continues to look good! Seafoam is measuring ahead slightly at 8w6d (21.46mm, with a heart rate of 169 beats per minute. 

2014-08-25 14.36.56


Obviously, the best part of the ultrasound is the little flipper feet near his butt. The cutest! 

I’m starting to feel less vommy, which I am thankful for, although its still a daily struggle, for sure. I still need approximately 12 hours of sleep a night to function without falling asleep at my desk, but I’ve made some changes to make that happen. Not much else to report in the way of gestation. 



13 thoughts on “8w4d – Seafoam has feet!

  1. Holy shit! Feet! (Very cute feet at that). Amazing.

    UK ladies don’t have their scans until 12 weeks *sob*. I’d much rather have a scan at 9 weeks. 12 weeks is just so long!

  2. That’s interesting about your hospital. The midwife clinic I’ve been considering only has admitting privileges at our “people’s” hospital. That hospital always kind of freaked me out, and then a friend informed me that they have the lowest c-section rate in the area. And I really like the way you look at it. That it might be better to have my money going to the hospital that really supports the community rather than to one of the religious monstrosities. I’m going to have to think about this a little differently…

  3. Hmm my comment seems to have disappeared. It said:
    Eeeeeeeeee! Awesome scan. Two questions: One- you seem to call baby ‘he’…? Two- I think I’m missed the ‘We’ve decided to call baby Seafoam because…’ post. Could you please refer me to that post or elaborate 😉 x

    • 1. We call him “he” because, due to the genetic testing they did on our embryos, we know that’s what he is! Or, at least, he has an XY chromosome pair. We didn’t choose, but we did have them tell us at transfer.

      2. Seafoam comes from last summer, when La, BFF and I were hanging out after an at home insem and talking about absurd names. BFF said “seafoam” and it was just so hilarious and silly that it stuck!

      • Oh wow – I didn’t know they even did that – I’m pretty sure they don’t in NZ. I think Seafoam is a very cute nickname 🙂 Thanks for explaining.

      • in some places they won’t tell you – for good reason, selection based on gender is kind of weird. Although some folks do IVF to avoid passing on a rare genetic disease linked to a certain sex chromosome, and then I guess you’d pretty much know. It’s weird but also kind of nice!

  4. I’m going to echo everyone else and say that your reasons for choosing your hospital are really inspiring. They’re things I never would have even considered in a positive way, I don’t think.

    Yay for Seafoam and his feet!

  5. I believe that is the same midwife group and hospital I had chosen. I got really bad vibes from Rose so I switched to the other one, which felt perfect. Then the multi state move and I had to start all over! You gotta trust your own gut and logic on these things.

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