Going Public

Since our miscarriage rate is already quite low thanks to pre implantation genetic testing, and hitting 8 weeks with a solid heartbeat under any circumstances is just about a 1% rate,  we decided to go for it and make seafoam public.


I hope I don’t get reason to regret this.  . . But after so many years of heartbreak is time to share the joy.


27 thoughts on “Going Public

    • We did CCS testing (complete chromosome screening) which basically looks to make sure all sets of chromosomes are properly paired (no triplody or three sets instead of a pair) and makes sure none of them are missing pieces. They can’t guarantee anything, but give a “confidence” measure for how likely it is that the chromosome sets are normal. It doesn’t totally eliminate miscarriage risk but it halves it, at least. It came with the IVF package we selected, but that package was about 3k more than one without the testing (but also of note, you have to freeze the embryos when you do CCS testing so that requires some extra expense as well)
      A FET at our clinic costs at least 5k, so it felt like a better “deal” for us to cut mc risk and avoid having to do more than one transfer (not to mention the heartache and time! )

  1. Perfect announcement. And, thanks for sharing your CCS testing experience. If this IUI fails (in the wait now) we’re moving to IVF. The only thing left to be decided is whether to do testing.

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