Shameless Product Promotion Tuesday

You guys.

I know SO MANY (all?) of you have told me to get the snoogle and I was like, ‘yeah, ok, I mean, I love a good body pillow but . . .’

I’m here to officially say: “You were right. It is totally worth the hype.”



Look how happy this woman is . . .

But, I’m cheap. And I really couldn’t justify buying a $50 pillow at the moment, and La has a lot of (justified) fear of the entire bed being lost to bulldogs and pregnancy pillows. But this is where MOM comes in!

Yesterday, my mama took La and I for some baby look-shopping. And when we happened upon the snoogle, I didn’t even have to do any sweet talking to get her to want to buy one for me. She was like, “oh . . .is that something that you could use now?” And of course I was like, “yes yes mama please!” and it was done.

And I am so very grateful because last night I slept like a dream – aside from the getting up to pee 5 times, and the catapulting myself over the snoogle to get out of bed to pee. So, we’re still working through some complications, but I’m still 100% in love.

I, personally, think everyone – knocked up or not – needs this pillow. It makes my old body pillow look like a pile of microfiber fill. 

Hopefully, the snoogle will help me get some good rest over the coming days as I deal with so many insurance claims adjusters calling me (seriously – 4 calls today and it’s not even 5pm)

 Also – I guess wordpress detected some shady shit happening with my account so if I left you weird comments or tried to get you to send me money in Saipan – it’s not me, yeah?


13 thoughts on “Shameless Product Promotion Tuesday

  1. I received one for free. It hasn’t worked as well as I like unfortunately. It causes neck tension and isn’t high enough for my hips. But I keep trying it out every once and a while because I think it might change as my body changes. 🙂 There are some definite plusses about it for sure! Very glad it’s helping you.

  2. I loooooved my Snoogle. My sister sent it to me and the note attached said, “You’re gonna need this.” And yup, I sure did. I even used it once Evelyn was born for a bit, because I had SPD and it helped with pelvic pain.

  3. OMG. The snoogle is amazing. I didn’t get it until week 15 of pregnancy and wished I had it much earlier. I loved the pillow so much I took it on an international holiday at week 20. It filled up half of my bag and was to totally worth it.

    It does take over the bed, but my wife found I disturbed her less when I went to the bathroom.

  4. It looks nice. I think if I end up getting one, my dear wife would end up on the sofa, our cats already manage to take up epic amounts of room on the bed, and she likes her space.

  5. I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money and get one and looking back I wish I would’ve for that awkward period where I couldn’t lay on my belly and wasn’t quite forced to sleep on my side. I’m glad you love it!!

  6. Moms are the best. I was cheap and bought the mini snoogle, I think it probably isn’t as comfy as the regular snoogle, but it worked. I still built a pillow fort around me by the end.

  7. The only thing that could possibly have made that promotional photo any better is if she was wearing adult footie pajamas. Moms are the best and insurance adjusters are the worst. I’ve been dealing with one for our water damage issues and god forbid you don’t return their call within 20 minutes–I end up with a half a dozen missed calls a day. They drive me insane.

  8. My mom has been going nuts blowing up both of our phones to get Callie to go with her so she can buy her outfit for the gender reveal. Moms are freaking awesome! And that damn Snoogle! Callie loves that thing. I love it, when she’s not in the bed! When we’re both in bed together, it’s my worst enemy! No more cuddles for me! But when she gets up to pee, she just gets up with the while thing, spreads her legs, and it drops to the floor. she half kicks, half scoops it up with her foot when she comes back into bed…but i’m glad i bought it for her or when i do my overnights, she has “something” to cuddle with..

  9. For that lovely pillow it also makes a lovely nursing pillow. It wraps around you and baby lays on it and it does t move much. You both can fall asleep in a chair and baby should be fine. We accidentally left ours half a province away on a road trip and had to get another one the next day we love it so much. Luckily we were able to fine a good second hand one. Our friend who was also making the trip picked up our original so we have one for each nursery when baby two arrives. These are worth every penny.

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