Clearing Out (10w2d)

La and I moved out of a tiny (no, really,  it was 600 sqft! ) 120 year old house three years ago in preparation to have babies (and to quit paying to repair things like cast iron pipes. )
Despite knowing from the moment we saw the house which room would belong to our future baby,  we were both resolute about not painting,  decorating or otherwise nursery-ifying the room.  I’m way too suspicious for that.
So,  instead,  it became the guest room.  Our old double bed (yes, two fat girls and a bulldog once slept in a double bed) and the Cedar trunk with extra linens lived there while we waited to get pregnant.

The other extra room, designed as an office but becoming more of an all purpose/ place to put crap room, actually stored the baby items we were gifted or acquired to take care of our nephew.  It was a wreck but it stayed in a sort of disorganized waiting room while our fertility journey continued.

Now that we are pregnant,  and confident enough to have made an announcement on Facebook about it, we decided it was time to actually make the space in our house reflect our intentions and plans.  No more waiting.

We started the process last weekend by cleaning out our garden shed to make more room for things that have lived in the house until now, including the boxes of baby clothes we won’t need until next fall or later. Next,  came selling that double bed.  Then clearing out the guest room and shedding old paper from the office.

But last night,  we finally had some fun.  We painted the guest room a pale blue when we moved in.  I was never a huge fan but it was an ok neutral.  A while back, we found a picture of a fabulous nursery with pale blue walls and one highlight wall in orange.  We thought we might crib (pun not exactly intended) the design but couldn’t find an orange that wasn’t obnoxious or overly reminiscent of the broncos logo (we are fans but not those kind of fans.) Last week we found the most amazing red-orange and decided to go for it!


We also marked out the furniture spaces on the carpet (because when your partner is an MFA in theater,  you have gaff tape to do these things) and started planning some of the other details.
Seafoam has a room!

Not much else to report,  except that my snoogle has become a coveted spot,  as seen here:



14 thoughts on “Clearing Out (10w2d)

  1. This is SUCH an exciting thing! It wasn’t too long after we bought our house that we started trying to get pregnant, so we never bothered turning our spare bedroom/future nursery into a guest room. It’s now been sitting mostly empty for going on two and a half years. 😦

  2. Vermillion – wow! That is my favourite colour (orange but especially red-orange). Love it. Glad things are feeling settled enough for you both to embrace this pregnancy and plan Seafoam’s room. Surprised there aren’t two bulldogs on your snoogle!

  3. great colors! I hear you about waiting until you got the positive to start decorating. I even worried about buying anything baby-related prior to our positive and for a while afterward. It felt so good once we finally did feel confident, though! And then time just FLEW by! Before you know it, Seafoam will be earth side and you will be like…wait, I still have shit to do! lol. 🙂 I’m so happy for you, Mamas!

  4. Hey! I’ve been frantically searching for your blog are you are the only other person I know who has had HCG booster. How many days/which days did you take it? I’m contemplating POAS-ing like you did.

    • Ok, so here was my schedule with the HCG boosters and my reasoning/logic with testing (remember I did a FET not a fresh transfer!):

      -HCG trigger (I think it was 5,000iu – but not sure!) 7 days before transfer
      -20iu HCG 2 days BEFORE transfer
      -20iu HCG day after transfer
      -20iu 4 days past transfer

      HCG has a 24 hour half life (somewhat brand dependent) which means that 24 hours after you take it, it is cut in half (ie: on 4DPT I had 20 units, the next day I had 10)

      The most sensitive tests pick up 5 iu in urine.

      I basically did the math from that last shot on day 4 and figured that by 48 hours after the injection, I would have 5 iu or less, and therefore a positive would be “legitimate.”

      BUT . . . it’s all conjecture. So . . .

      You can read about my crazy adventure in more detail here:
      and here:

      If I’m correct, you are doing 10iu daily, right? That might make things a little more tricky . . .but . . .I would never tell anyone not to pee on a stick! ❤

      • Yes my daily dose makes it confusing. I actually have super sensitive sticks and am getting a faint – obvious hcg from injection. I POAS 24 hrs after shot so should be picking up about 5 MIL. I want to keep POAS-ing to see if it gets progressively darker. Or I just thought I’d try a FRER on the weekend.

      • yeah. I basically decided once I’d peed on one stick, I was gonna have to keep peeing on them. For me, the positive just never went away – I hope the same happens for you!
        Something to keep in mind is that darkness of line doesn’t *always* mean more HCG. Sometimes it does, but not when there are only slight differences. Easy for me to say now but . . .try not to focus too much on the darkness of the line!

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