Immuno-whine (10w5d)

You know what sucks? Pregnancy immune system. 

I am really, really good at NOT getting sick. This usually means I get one really horrible sickness each year – like the sinus infection of spring 2014, or the Strep Throat of Winter 2012. I just don’t usually get colds . . .or if I do, they are sniffly nose annoyances, not full scale sicknesses. 

But since I got my BFP in late July, I’ve been sick with a head and chest cold TWICE. Twice in what . . .6 weeks? Totally inappropriate. And it wasn’t like I was all up in someone’s business . . .nope, I had breakfast with a friend who had sniffles, but I don’t think we even hugged. I was in her presence . . . that hardly seems to warrant a shared cold. But . . . the rules of the game are different, I guess, when your body’s usual defenses have been lowered to allow the long sought after parasite fetus in your womb. (Y’all know that I fucking adore my parasite, right? Its just, well, it’s kind of an accurate description.)

I have been whiny and sick since Monday, when I woke up with the tell tale stuffed nose and dry mouth. Yesterday was the worst, and today I think it is finally beginning to move along – or, I hope it is. The other option is that it is migrating to my chest to hang out for a bit longer. I’m very grateful for the snoogle, which has let me sleep propped up, and for breathe right strips (h/t to Searching for My Truth for that recommendation) and for raw garlic (which is a lot harder to ingest when one has morning sickness, but is still the cheapest immune booster available. We call it poor man’s antibiotics in our house.)

I’m also grateful for paid sick time, although I’d like to be saving it rather than using it prior to seafoam’s arrival. But I couldn’t imagine doing anything but laying in bed yesterday. So that’s what I did. I also made La get me pho for dinner, which I think – in conjunction with the garlic and sleep – is probably why I am feeling somewhat human-like today.

Tomorrow we leave for Indy to celebrate La’s mom’s 60th birthday! I ❤ my mother in law (I actually call her my mother outlaw, because, well, when you’re gay and only sort of legally married, you can do things like that) and am excited to celebrate her. I’m less excited to see how Shitbro (La’s super conservative older brother who has been a real d-bag to us) handles the pregnancy news, and in particular, if/how he has told his kids. So, send us some good queers-in-the-midwest woo, yeah? Also, please pray that my sinuses clear before I get on a plane because otherwise I am going to be miserable. 

I have my 12 week midwife appointment next Friday, and I realized I am jonesing for it really bad. No more ultrasounds for us until the 20 week mark (part of choosing prenatal care with less intervention, so I can’t exactly complain!) but we should be able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. And I need that right now. I mean, I have no reason to believe anything has happened to seafoam, but I have noticed a leveling-off of my symptoms and as I am still not viably showing (although I have noticed a loss in my ability to ‘suck in’ and also a general thickening of my middle and a loss of my waist) I am in that terrible no-woman’s land of undetectable pregnancy. I’m definitely looking forward to some evidence that seafoam is still kickin’! 

I’m sending out lots of love to the blogosphere, where there is a lot on the horizon! Transfers that should be showing up as BFPs, and lots of other goodness! ❤ to all!


9 thoughts on “Immuno-whine (10w5d)

  1. Hope you feel better soon. Pho is my go to sick food too, hits the spot every damn time. You should buy yourself a home Doppler to indulge yourself and the wife with after this appointment. They are really good and not very expensive either. Looking forward to you update from the appointment with pictures of your lil man.

  2. Totally understand how horrible the pregnancy immune system is. In the second half of my pregnancy I spent at least 14 of the 20 weeks with a cold of one sort or another. Fingers crossed your immune boosting works.

  3. Hubby brought home a cold from his new job and I am muddling through it now. I’ve been taking Zicam and it seems to be helping but I generally still just want to be whiny and lie on the couch, but Bean makes that a little less than ideal. I’m looking at the positive side by rationalizing that at least I will get it over with before I go back to work. And I second the notion of buying a doppler. We got ours off Amazon for like, $15, and it was great. Once I was past that “Are you SURE I’m still pregnant??” paranoia around 5 months or so we gave it to another friend who was a few months behind me. It really helps with those late night negative thoughts when you only get an OB appt every month like I did. (We only got 1 ultrasound, at week 20.)

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