Looking for a good home

Hi Friends! This post is specifically for folks who are doing/contemplating IVF (I mean, you can still read this if that doesn’t apply but . . .)

I am *finally* weaning off of my FET meds! Yippee! The problem, of course, is that it’s almost impossible to guess the right amount of most things, and so I ended up ordering WAY too much of some, not enough of others.

I happen to have two boxes (8 patches per box) of minivelle estradiol patches .1 mg/patch. The patches are the most expensive part of most IVF/FET protocols (that use them!) so I’d like to recoup *some* of the money, but also don’t want them to go to waste! (I think I paid $75/box! ack! would definitely give you a MUCH better price!)


If your protocol uses minivelle (they are the same as vivelle, just smaller size – double check the dosage) and you’d like the patches, let me know and we’ll work something out! I am more interested in them going to a good home, but obvs wouldn’t mind getting some sort of refund on this hellaciously expensive process!


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