Nest Building (11w3d)

We are home from Indiana, and we are both emotionally and physically unscathed. (and there was much rejoicing!)

Mostly, we hung out with La’s amazing mama (who cooked us delicious breakfasts every day!) and her cousin, who is going through a rather heinous divorce at the moment. So, there was a lot of shit talking her soon to be ex husband. And rightfully so, the d-bag cheated on her and then, after getting served with papers, cleaned out their checking account so she couldn’t buy anything, like,  you know – food, their two young children.

Everyone was really excited about Seafoam’s impending arrival – or at least they faked it well. Of course, ShitBro and his wife had decided not to tell their children. Their ‘reasoning’ was that I am not yet out of my first trimester (true, but only barely so) and they didn’t want to have “two awkward conversations.” However, they also knew that we were coming home and that everyone else would know and be talking about it, including their children’s 5 year old cousin, who can’t keep a secret to save her life. Anyway, this means that we ended up (inadvertantly) telling their kids. This happened, beautifully, right before they were all leaving for the day. So I can only hope that there were LOTS of uncomfortable questions on the ride home! For the record, the only thing they asked was “why Auntie Andie is pregnant, not Auntie Lala?” Once we explained we had rock-paper-scissor’d for the privilege, and Lala would go next, they seemed satisfied.

I seem to be recovering my energy fairly as the first trimester starts to close out, and I am very, very excited! Mostly, I am excited that I might start to eat well and cook again!

You see, La is very good at many, many, many things. But cooking just isn’t her most favorite thing to do. It’s not that she is ‘bad’ at cooking, it’s just that she tends to stick to what she knows. And what she knows is a fairly small repertoire of simple things – like spaghetti or BBQ chicken. To her enormous credit, she has 100% stepped up while I have been too busy napping to contemplate cooking, and for this I am grateful. But, she doesn’t have the interest to make the kinds of food I most like eating, so I’m very excited to have enough energy to shop and cook again! Hallelujah! To celebrate, I have picked out a whole bunch of new recipes to try! Yippee!


I’m also heavy into the stick gathering phase of what could be called “nesting.” Like, I am feeling the itch to start getting shit hella organized, and am thinking about what life might look like in 6 months when there is a squalling infant in our house.

To wit:

-After already mostly deciding I want to use my birthday money on a new dishwasher that actually, you know, washes dishes, I amended this and decided we should find a way to ALSO get a small deep freezer. So that I can spend an entire day cooking and then freeze the food for later! And so we can buy more in bulk/in season and save things. I started salivating over the idea of my little chest freezer in the shed right next to a shelf of canned produce. Oh, be still my urban homesteader heart!

-I have started actively seeking out the organizational tools and techniques I have been ‘considering’ since we moved in. Things like pot lid organizers and tupperware systems and organizational door systems!

-I applied for a part time gig with the Princ.eton review to teach GRE, SAT and ACT prep classes (and/or be a tutor for these programs.) Seeing as how I aced my ACT (yes, really. a 36) and the writing section of my GRE, and I like teaching, and I need an extra $15-30/hour, and I have weekends free . . .I thought it would be a good plan. We’ll see what I get in the way of a call back, but I figure even a couple of extra days a week could mean stocking up on some extra cash that could mean either extending my maternity leave into unpaid territory and/or having some extra cash for things like childcare once seafoam gets here.

-We are well on our way to stocking up on cloth diapering materials. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! We are clear we want to cloth diaper, and we know we want to use pre-folds with covers (that can have extra padding added) and we’ve found some good, inexpensive high quality covers. But, if you cloth diaper using prefolds, can you give me some tips on the brand you like, the folds you like, places you scored good deals (we are open to pre-owned and new!) or any general tips?

(of note, this seems to be the one ‘weird’ parenting thing that both of our families have a lot of commentary about. Mostly in the realm of ‘we’ll see how long THAT lasts.’ It’s obnoxious but honestly, it’s probably just the beginning. Still, tips on how to respond to cloth diaper haters would be welcome too!)

I’m excited to be thinking/planning/excited, instead of just barely getting through my days due to exhaustion. I guess I didn’t realize just how much it was impacting me until I had a flood of ideas about our house, our dinners, and our future. And I realized I hadn’t thought about so much of that because I was thinking about when my next nap was.

The nausea seems to have made a little uptick, as if to say either 1. Don’t forget how much I made your life suck when I’m gone OR 2. I’m not going anywhere. Option number three is that I picked up the stomach bug that was plaguing my in-laws in Indiana. Which would be righteously unfair, as I am still today working on getting my sinuses free of snot.


15 thoughts on “Nest Building (11w3d)

  1. I can talk some cloth diapering! I use the bummis prefolds. I didn’t get any special deal, just bought them at a store near my house. I also love my kawaii baby pocket diapers which I got online. They have these velour ones with really cute patterns. As for the commentary, just get used to it. Everyone thinks I’m nuts, but I love cloth diapers. I try not to get into it with people – I just say I love them and washing them is really not a big deal.

  2. I have no huge cloth diaper advice but still get the “we’ll see how long that lasts” comment ALL THE TIME. No good advice on how to deal with it other than saying something along the lines of, “Well, we will find out what works for us”.

  3. We love cloth diapers and also get that same comment all the time. We went to a cloth diapering class that was SUPER helpful at a store in Colorado Springs – Baby Cotton Bottoms. We got to check out ALL the many different styles, hear the pros and cons of each, and received a lot of support on a variety of issues I had no idea could even be issues (proper detergent for hard water, how to deal with HE machines that won’t let you have the kind of hot water you need in order to properly clean them, etc.). Loved Danny the owner there and have always felt welcome as a gay family. I’m sure there are great stores in Denver but I would absutely recommend a class and store for support. Then buy online later once you know what you like :). Good luck!

  4. I know you said you had found covers but if you still need some check out They are super amazing and have newborn covers too in adorable patterns. They are super sturdy and I have heard really good things about them! Plus they support an orphanage.

    Other than that I am so fing sick of the we’ll see how long that lasts I don’t even fake smile anymore. Just give my resting bitch face.

  5. Rock-paper-scissor is always a good answer for that question. Yay for being able to cook again. My spouse (who has a similar small repertoire) had to step up when I was on “couch rest” after several bleeds, and it is so nice to be back in the kitchen again, so I feel you on that.

  6. I hear you on the comments. We told our family if we have a boy we are not circumsizing and you should see the responses to that. They included eww that’d digesting to poor kid will have to go through unneeded pain later in life. When asked why they would circumsize they say, it’s what we all do, or it’s cleaner. Well guess what, most people here don’t, and it is proven to not be cleaner. So your argument is void. Same with diapers, argument is void.

  7. Love this whole post. Incidentally telling the kids and saying you use rich paper scissors…priceless. I know a lot if people buy bulk fabric and make the prefolds themselves and buy the covers. You could ask for hand me downs to find the ones you end up liking the most. I’d remind the haters that most of them were diapered as such and they parents didn’t roll over and die and not did they. Or if your me you’d say “I’ll dress my kids ass as I please thanks”, but I’m not very subtle.

  8. Honestly, kids don’t care about that sort of thing as much as parents do, which is annoying and amusing at the same time. I am lucky that Punky’s cousins’ parents are a little out there in their parenting and lifestyle, so it’s not an issue. WE are having issues with explaining how Uncle Colin is called “daddy” by her cousins and well – that she doesn’t get to call him Daddy. It’s been fun! Anyway, I didn’t do the cloth diaper thing and I definitely can see family having commentary on it, but to each their own and I’m not in any way shocked you guys chose that route! Good luck, I know we have lots of ladies in the community who will have lots of great advice for ya!

  9. There are a lot of things people are delusional about before they have kids, but being able to cloth diaper (and enjoy it( is not one of them.
    I just don’t talk about it. I maake it as much if a nonissue as possible.

    I hope you don’t have a stomach bug, I had three while pregnant and it was awful.

  10. We love our cloth diapers. We bought our prefolds all from local places I think. We actually like flats better surprisingly. For prefolds I like the jelly roll, my wife prefers the angel wing. People think we are weird for sure and we always get asked how it’s going, expecting us to say it’s terrible and we quit doing it. One day I’m sure they will stop asking.

  11. My mom didn’t think I would cloth diaper to a year. 18 months in and I have been hand washing for 3 months. Basically, naysayers can shove it. When people give me unwarranted advice and criticism of my choices, I have to either explain myself or smile and nod and walk away. My mom likes to take everything I do differently as a personal affront to how she did things, so we just don’t talk about much.

    My diapers: some I sought out and bought, others just came my way. I like having pockets for night time but you could also just cut rectangles of fleece for a little barrier between baby and wetness.
    Covers- thirsties snap, imagine, econobum
    Pockets- royal fluff, jungle roo, homemade ones
    Prefolds- I have no idea what I have as I bought them used or was given them. I had newborn ones that were awesome. They all get peed on and washed together. I used to just lay them in the diaper, folded in 3, but started using a snappi once he was scooting around. I mostly only use them now in his pockets for night time because I hand wash.
    Flats- essential in my opinion. They can be used in pockets, folded like prefolds, or folded in fun origami ways to fit your baby. They wash and dry quickly because they are only one layer. You can start with using one and now I sometimes use two. I got some given to me second hand and I broke down and bought some from walmart (in the cooking area, pack of 5 for $5). There are also some on the cloth diaper sites, I bet they are awesome but I couldn’t afford them.
    Wipes- use cloth wipes! They will save your diapers and not put nasty chemicals on your child. If you accidentally wash a disposable wipe with your diapers, you can delaminate them. I always just used water and kept a peri bottle (the one I used to relieve the pain as I peed after birth) with a little drop of dr bronner’s in it in the diaper bag. I would love to make you some, so when I get a chance, I will email you. If you run out of wipes, just cut up an old tshirt into 6in squares.
    Pail and bags- I got a kitchen can with a popping lid. I had a wet bag but delaminated it so I just started using an old pillow case and wiping out the can every few washes. I have three wet bags for out and about and that works well for me. If I empty them out right away, they can be used again until the next time I wash.

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