Bloat Baby (13w3d)

I used to hate it when one of my blog friends got pregnant and stopped having anything interesting to say. Well, I think I get it. There is a lot more interesting (albeit, frustrating, heartbreaking and fucking awful) to write about when you are in the throes of trying to get pregnant. Or maybe that’s just the part of pregnancy that I’m in. Or maybe I’m just bad at thinking of things to write about?

The only thing I can think to report is that my bloating is OOC (that’s out of control, for those of you not as attached to acronyms.) It has started causing me some serious pain and is making evening activities hard to engage in. Yesterday, La and I went with BFF and BFFBF to Blackhawk (where the casinos are in Colorado) to hang out with them and BFF’s sister. Since we are short on cash and gambling mostly just makes me anxious, we decided to enjoy the buffet instead of the slots. We also had some ‘food and retail points’ which made the buffet half off for both of us. It was all-you-can-eat crab leg night, and I figured I’d enjoy my allowed two servings all in one, since crab is a rare experience for us. But almost as soon as I put a little food in my mouth, the gas bubbled up and quickly made even breathing a difficult prospect, let alone eating much. Mostly I sat across from La looking pitiful while she chowed down on a buck’o’crab legs. Damnit.

Worse than missing out on crab legs was the writhing pain I was in all the way down the mountain. I was finally able to do some yoga at home and get a little relief in the way of some farts, but it really didn’t resolve until this morning. After doing some research, it appears gas-x is on the ‘approved’ list, so I’ll be investing and hoping its effective. Because seriously, this is not sustainable.

I haven’t got much else to report . . .La wanted me to correct a misstatement from my previous entry: Seafoam’s heartbeat was 164, not 146.

My uterus has definitely made its way out of my pelvic cavity, and is a hard ball of baby house under my belly button. Given that I generally tend toward squishy, it’s kind of fun (and weird) to feel something so hard in my belly! I also continue to feel uncomfortable in my body, though I’m trying to be intentional about remembering that’s its an amazing baby house right now, and that’s good enough. Thanks all for your words of wisdom and support on how to get over this hump before the bump.

I hope to have something more exciting than gas to update you about, very soon!


10 thoughts on “Bloat Baby (13w3d)

  1. Ditto with bloating. I sometimes double in size after a main meal. Following this is then an almighty burping session – tre embarrassing which doesn’t help.

    Glad all is swell. I’m showing now although I still don’t believe is due to a baby!

  2. As far as I know, alka-seltzer is on the list of approved gas relievers also. I had to rely on that several times as I would get gas trapped way up in my chest and back, it was just awful. In fact it happened so badly last Halloween night and I thought I was going into labor–my water broke less than 48 hours later.

  3. Oh! How exciting to actually start to feel the amazing baby house! I hope that the discomfort goes away soon. As someone who has lived in constant digestive discomfort, “fart away sistah, fart away!”.

  4. Alka Selzer has aspirin in it (which should be avoided during pregnancy). Not recommended!

    Simethicone (active ingredient in Gas-X, Mylanta Gas, etc and the generics of those) does not cross the placenta and can be given to small children (including infants). It helps with the pain. My doctor said I could take it in my one successful pregnancy. Those gas pains are awful. It got worse for me as pregnancy progressed, too (as Becca pointed out above). Sometimes a carbonated drink after the simethicone also helped to get rid of the gas in the upper GI tract. Nice freakin’ comment I’m leavin. First thing in the morning, too. Sorry, just trying to help!

    Oh and, damn, you ARE fond of acronyms. Took me a moment to figure out whor or what the heck a BFFBF would be. 😉

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