Pregnant Unicorn!


Happy Preg-o-ween! (18w)

This week was so.f'ing.long. Thanks to the ongoing work drama + regularly scheduled projects and meetings, I spent almost all day M-W in back to back to back meetings, with hardly a moment to sit down and read my e-mail or think about anything else. I'm also an introvert, so spending all day talking was... Continue Reading →

“It’s not gas.” (17 weeks)

First, a couple of follow ups: 1) THANKS to all of you who weighed in on the work issue. I appreciated the affirming, the snarky, the critical and the resourceful feedback I got. The saga continues to unfold and, in fact, I got some downright concerning info from one of the youth she works with... Continue Reading →


Y'all . . .I need some advice and thoughts on a 100% non-pregnancy/baby related matter. Normally, I'd vent/talk to La, but she's away supporting her dear friend and aside from physically not being here, she also has enough on her plate and this seems, in comparison, rather trite. So, I'm asking for your thoughts. I... Continue Reading →

The Mondays (16w3d)

I'm lucky to like my job - a lot, actually. So I rarely have the experience of dreading Mondays or feeling sluggish and down and out when the day arrives. But today it is a bit rougher to be Andie. There are a few good reasons that I'm not quite feelin' it today. 1) La... Continue Reading →

As promised

Well I didn't get La to take a picture so you get another selfie. .  . As I said on Facebook: today I am 33 years old and 16 weeks pregnant and in honor of love your body day on Oct 15th, I'm posting a picture of my fat girl baby bump.  Nothing like growing... Continue Reading →

Hiatus! (15w3d)

Apologies to anyone out there who waits with baited breath for my semi-weekly updates. Girl was busy. Last Monday I left for Atlanta, GA for a three day work meeting. On Wednesday, La flew out and met me at the fancy work hotel. On Thursday, we met up with a couple of our besties and... Continue Reading →

The big show (13w6d)

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought, "weird. I kind of look pregnant." But I didn't think much of it. I mean, I've been feeling different for a few weeks, and looking noticeably . . .heftier, for the last week. But usually I can't pull off anything that could even... Continue Reading →

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