The Mondays (16w3d)

I’m lucky to like my job – a lot, actually. So I rarely have the experience of dreading Mondays or feeling sluggish and down and out when the day arrives. But today it is a bit rougher to be Andie.

There are a few good reasons that I’m not quite feelin’ it today.

1) La left for Portland, OR yesterday to attend her good friend’s father’s funeral. I decided to spend my day solo cleaning the house and, because I had no one to distract me or help me or talk me out of it, I also decided to rearrange the kitchen (ie: move every piece of kitchenware we own from one cabinet to another while cleaning every surface in the room) and do some reorganization and culling of our other items (books and bathroom items, mostly.) This meant a lot more lifting and reaching and bending than I usually do and left me with an achy back and some pulled muscle feelings in my abdomen, which now seems to get a pulled muscle from doing damned near anything. So, I feel kinda wiped out in general.

2) The cold I thought I was getting last week has persisted at a consistent low level and that, coupled with all of the pregnancy resources I have telling me about increased nasal stuffiness, has led me to believe I am not the victim of a virus, but of the stowaway and his hormonal friends.  So, I’ve been sleeping pretty poorly for the last week or so. I pulled out the breathe right strips last night and that helped me breathe better (and not through my mouth) but I woke up with a very sore throat and the worst post nasal drip experience of my life. I spent the first 15 minutes after sitting up coughing and spitting and choking on phlegm (sorry y’all. It was way worse to experience.) I’ve been hoarse and coughy all day. I’ve got some ideas for things to help, and I’ll ask Goofy on Friday when I see her, but the idea of this maybe not ending for . . .months makes me feel panicky and anxious.(seriously just got teary writing that because I’m so scared of feeling semi-shitty for so long)

3) La was gone Friday to Saturday to do a theater response (something she does at various schools regionally) and then left Sunday again and even though I am totally an introvert and don’t always want to talk to people, I really like having my boo around while I live my life.

4) I have an after-work meeting that I don’t want to go to, and maybe have committments every other night this week for work or my board of directors service and the idea of not having time to myself also feels scary. In addition, without La around, it means running around to let the pups out and make sure they get walks and love in between work and other stuff.

BUT! It’s not all bad! There is always some wonder to find, right?

1) 2014-10-20 09.17.09 This morning when I walked outside to let the chickens out of their coop, I found one of the four hanging out in the yard. Given that I locked this chicken (Sophia) in her coop, that is also inside a fully enclosed run, last night at 8pm, and the other three chickens were still in said coop, I have NO IDEA how she managed to escape! The good news is our spaniel, Eliot, who I always figured would waste no time making lunch (or breakfast) of a chicken outside the run, basically just sniffed her and whined – no eating or even rough housing! The bad news: since I have no idea how she got out, I have no confidence that this won’t happen again.


I dunno if you all are the kind of used-to-be-riot-grrl-dykes that feel as incapacitatingly excited about this news as me, but OMFuckingG, y’all – this is incredible news. Carrie Brownstein was like my #1 crush from age 19-25. I am for sure going to the show, even though I will be like 8 and a half months pregnant. OMGOMGOMG.

And Monday will be over kind of soon, and I generally do believe that things are better the next day. And fuckit, my life is pretty awesome even when the Mondays come along and make things a little hard.


6 thoughts on “The Mondays (16w3d)

  1. I LOVE Sleater-Kinney! Funny thing – my best friend and I were driving down to Oregon this weekend and we passed Sleater-Kinney road in Olympia (we met in DC and I didn’t know it was a road until I moved to Seattle 6 years ago) and were reminiscing about working at Urban Outfitters and loving the Dig Me Out album. That plus Ani DiFranco – apparently we have the same music tastes during our formative years :). Oh and yay for 16 weeks!

  2. Guess what? Monday is over! Yay! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so lousy. This is one case where I actually kind of hope it’s just a persistent virus and not the onset of miserable pregnancy symptoms.

  3. Homeopathy is my new best friend and I wish I had really known about it while pregnant. I had a sinus thing a couple weeks ago and it really helped. I was so congested the whole time (and months after) that I’m sure there is one that would help you.

  4. Congrats on making it through Monday! And sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling so crappy. For what it’s worth, I found that most freaky pregnancy side effects (stuffiness, random aches and pains, nausea, etc.) that I had didn’t last the whole pregnancy. I had some just in one trimester or another and some just randomly appeared here and there. But I can totally relate to that panicky feeling. It was really hard having my body do all of these unusual things and not being able to control or even predict them. The one thing that helped me was to just deal with them as they came and to try not to worry too much about the future. But it wasn’t always easy.
    I hope the rest of your week goes better and that you find some downtime in which to recharge.

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