Happy Preg-o-ween! (18w)

This week was so.f’ing.long.

Thanks to the ongoing work drama + regularly scheduled projects and meetings, I spent almost all day M-W in back to back to back meetings, with hardly a moment to sit down and read my e-mail or think about anything else. I’m also an introvert, so spending all day talking was a challenge. I also had evening activities/meetings M-W, which meant that by the time I got home, I was emotionally, physically and socially wiped the fuck out. Add to this that two of my good friends are going through kind of rough break ups and La and I have become the home for lovelorn and abandoned queers, and I was about ready to explode yesterday.

Thank the lord in heaven that I was able to do nothing but sit at my desk and work on non-human-interaction related projects. Hallelujah!

In other news . . . .

1) I got my breastpump! This is a little reminder to all y’all who are currently gestating babies: Obamacare ensures you have access to a breastpump FOR FREEZIES! So don’t buy one, ok? There are some companies out there that will also handle getting the “script” from your provider and determining your benefit so you can get a breastpump. I ordered the med.ela pump in style advanced:

2014-10-30 20.08.11

The “insurance special” doesn’t include the bag (like the retail version) but it was free  so I’m not complaining. Instead, I’m registering for the bag and accessories. That said, this has everything you (technically) need to milk your own teats at work or home. Hooray!

2) I’m feeling seafoam pretty consistently, albeit very lightly and still not “regularly.” But, I’ve felt him now multiple times, usually around once or twice a day. This makes sense, as he is now the approximate size of a sweet potato, and that is kind of a starting-to-get-big vegetable.

3) Also, 18 week fat girl baby bump:


I’m going to post all of the selfies so far so I (and you, if you want!) can see the progression. Mostly, it doesn’t seem to be so much getting “bigger” as it is getting “rounder” and higher. I did the “hand on the belly pregnancy pose” too . . .is there a reason for that? I just thought I’d give it a shot for once.

4) I am REALLY excited about my halloween costume and I want so badly to spill the beans here, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so you’ll have to wait until I get home, change and take a picture!

5) I called to schedule our anatomy scan on Monday afternoon (as I was instructed to do) and was told the order hadn’t been put it. Argh. Called and reminded them, and they put it in Tuesday morning, which means I couldn’t call until Wednesday (it has to get approved by the hospital) and when I did finally get through, the only appointment they had was for November 25th! I realize that, in the grand scheme of things, this is not SO far away. But, I was really gunning for our U/S to be on 11/14, which is 20 weeks on the nose and La’s b-day. No dice. We’ll be 21+4, instead. Ah well. That’s the breaks.

6) The PND and cough are better, but not gone. If I don’t do my humidifier-muc.inex-netipot-breathe right strip regime, I’m a mess in the morning. But if I keep up with it, I’m good. Last night I had a crazy headache that tylen.ol would not touch and that + waiting to eat = huge vomit after I DID finally eat. I kind of resent being punished by my body for doing what it asked for, albeit a little late.

That’s all from 18 week world . . .Love to the TTC, the waiting, the gestating and the parenting! ❤


9 thoughts on “Happy Preg-o-ween! (18w)

  1. As someone also overweight before pregnancy, I started consistently feeling the movement in the 20’s I think. I can’t even remember, it’s so common now. hahaha Now in week 26 she’s magically gained a lot more strength. It just turned on the other day! It is comforting though. Any movement is comforting because it means she’s ok.

    Good luck on the scan. We never actually got sex from the scans, but we got everything else in the end. lol

    I really hope you can get rid of the cough once and for all! It’s definitely not fun!

    • I’m a firm believer that weight should impact when you feel a baby internally . . .after all, the fat is on the outside, not inside the uterus! So, unless someone can give me a logical explanation why a bigger person would feel movement later, I’m sticking with it being a case-by-case scenario! That said, I appreciate the info for comparison!
      We already know sex from the pre implantation testing, I just wanna see him look like a baby instead of a little pill!

      • I honestly have no clue why it would matter. It may have less to do with actual fat and more with muscle tone, which tends to be less when overweight (very big generalization there).

        The scans are awesome, if they’re looking for all the key stuff. Seeing your baby’s brain for hopefully the only time is interesting. Seeing their little nose and soft palette, the heart valves working away, tracing blood flow…it’s trippy!

  2. Oh thank you SO much for the breast pump info! We will certainly have to look in to that. Can’t wait to see a Halloween costume picture. Enjoy your evening and weekend.

  3. Thoughts on the breast pump: the bag I had was not very washable. Had good insulation and of course fit all the bits and pieces perfectly but you couldn’t just throw the whole thing in the wash. Kinda not cool since it houses perishable milk.

    Also, I urge you to make contact with a reputable IBCLC by the third trimester and visit a LLL meeting. It isn’t uncommon for bf issues to accompany fertility issues. A book that I have felt explained things well is The Breastfeeding Mothers Guide to Making More Milk.

    Loving the pictures and cant wait to see your costume!

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