Up, Up and Away (21 weeks)

It’s been a really fun week to be pregnant, which is a nice change after a kind of busted month. Some of the awesome is what’s NOT happening (like almost-daily meetings with the colleague I supervise, or text messages from Hero that leave me feeling drained and confused) and some of that is what IS happening, like these things:

  • I got a call from the place where we ordered our crib, dresser and glider, letting us know all of the parts were in (we ordered so early because the crib set we liked was being discontinued and we didn’t have any idea how long it might take to get it in!) which means they are getting delivered TOMORROW! I’m excited to have the furniture there so we can start setting other things up. I’m also excited to put the newborn and 0-3 clothes in the dresser so we can assess what we might still need to register for or buy.
  • I got my new maternity shirts! It’s been really nice to wear something other than the small rotation of previously acquired shirts or t-shirts that ride up my belly. La thinks this is cute, but it is definitely not professional, even in my pretty relaxed office culture.
  • Last night, La and I made hot-air balloon buddies for Seafoam’s mobile! The paper lantern parts will be attached to a lamp (to be purchased at Ikea this weekend) and hung above the crib (and obviously, not in the shower on hangers!) I’m pretty charmed by them! Our nursery “theme” is Hot Air Balloons, so this seemed about perfect. We got some fluff to make a few little clouds as well.
  • IMG_20141120_201803
  • We had a midwife appointment this morning and heard another glorious heartbeat! I’m at the point where I am feeling Seafoam quite a bit, and his movements are sometimes less tickle-scratch and more full on thump, but I’m still not feeling them all the time/consistently. So, I’ll feel him like crazy for a bit, then not at all for hours on end – and I’ll be honest, it freaks me out a little. So I was definitely looking forward to hearing the little dude and making sure he was still doing ok in there. He gave me a little early support when he made his presence known quite well in the waiting room. Thanks, Seafoam!
  • Our TWO (?!) showers are in the works. I can’t tell you how amazingly grateful we are to have two different groups of people throwing us parties to celebrate the little dude’s arrival. Our good friend, who I’ll call Belle, my mom and sister-in-law are planning one for the end of January here in Colorado, and La’s mom, aunt and cousin are planning one for November in Indiana. For maybe the first time ever, I have relinquished approximately 99% of these events to the folks who are doing the planning (with the exception of telling Belle a few of our ‘wishes’ – no gender separate spaces, no over-gendering of the party, no games that center around my size) – which is a big deal for me. It feels somewhat overwhelming to have a big event every month for the next 4 months (then of course, the big event just a bit after that!) with the holidays, but I also feel so blown away with appreciation and gratitude that I’m gonna do my best to enjoy every moment of it all!

Of course, my carpel tunnel is still making life kind of painful and hard. Goofy the midwife recommended braces at night, swimming to help with circulation and blood flow, more water (more?! I don’t think its possible!) and less salt. So, I’m going to invest in some better quality braces for sleeping and hope it helps. This morning my hands hurt so bad and my range of motion was incredibly limited. Once again, I’m scared about dealing with this for months on end (of note, the stuffiness and post nasal drip is now manageable, so I actually should chill out with the dooms day shit!)

I’m excited, too, about Thanksgiving. I really hate the origins of the holiday, which are steeped in the most egregious american mythology around, but the concept is one I really dig. More gratitude, more of the time! Plus, there aren’t stupid consumerist expectations that make me uncomfortable, which helps. Just delicious food and getting to hang out with the family! But, I also usually sign myself up for too much (which I have done again!)

I’ll leave you with the bump at 21 weeks:



  1. When you said another glorious heartbeat I checked out for a minute and totally thought you meant twins OMG!!!!!

    Anyway you look great!


  2. So much love for this post! The hot air balloons are adorable. So is the bump! Have you tried heat on your wrist? I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist/hand and I have one of those little microwaveable bags filled with rice that I keep at my desk. It’s a temporary fix, but it sure feels good while it’s warm.


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