Anatomy Scan (21w4d)


Yesterday, we confirmed (visually, anyway) that seafoam is still in my uterus, growing away! The last time we saw him, he looked like a gummy bear, so it was exciting to see something resembling a human baby on the screen this time around!

The little dude is looking good, too. All the parts are there (and he is still a boy!) and looking good – heart beating strong, kidneys with excellent blood flow, a spine, two legs and two arms – all of it right on track. They are estimating his weight at 1lb 1oz right now, which is closer to 23 weeks . . .but they said they aren’t concerned about his size at this point. I am not at all shocked that he might be a big dude, as he comes from big people. My placenta is

Our crib, dresser and glider were delivered this weekend. It’s super exciting to finally have that room full of baby things! We went to get a crib mattress on Saturday and ended up registering while we were at the store, figuring there might be family folks who would be shopping on ‘black friday’ and could get a deal at one of the places we’ve registered. We also went through the boxes of donated clothes friends and family have given us, and pulled out all the newborn and 0-3 stuff to assess what (if anything!) we still needed on that end. As you can see, we don’t need much:


Cletus, our big bully, LOVES babies . . . he adores our nephew and loved on our goddaughters, so you can imagine he’s quite excited to have one of his own:


I am feeling seafoam much more frequently and with much more intensity in the last week or so. Last night after I got up to pee, he rolled around for a good 15 minutes solid and I felt all of it. The thumps and bumps are more significant, and the tickles seem to happen all the time now. Also a general whoosh of weight shifting that I would think was my stomach doing flip flops if it weren’t happening much lower.

The carpel tunnel is still nagging me and making work slower and more difficult, but I think I’m probably just going to have to learn to live with it. I have a warm rice bag (thanks to HoundMamas!) which soothes the pain a little. The stretches have also helped a bit – so thanks to everyone who gave me recommendations!

My bestie from HS will be back in town this week with his wife and daughter – and his wife is also pregnant with their second, due in February! I’m excited to see them all and get to share part of this journey with them.


  1. Everything sounds right on track. I was a little confused with the spontaneous drop-off in the sentence “My placenta is..” and it picks up with “our crib..” LOL, I hope your placenta is not the size of a crib.


    1. Oh man, I’m blaming that on baby brain/momnesia. I totally started a sentence and then forgot to finish it!! My placenta is well placed on the top of my uterus and exactly the right size (which is definitely NOT crib sized!)


  2. Yay!!! Thank you for sharing a picture with us. I loved my 20w ultrasound. The weight estimates can be so off, up to a pound either direction, so I never put much value in them. It can be good to be able to compare sizes between ultrasounds if a growth restriction is a concern.


  3. So exciting!! The estimates are never 100%, although Jax consistently measured about 2 weeks ahead in growth and arrived 10 days before his due date. He was (and still is!) a tall boy!


  4. Seafoam! I love the ultrasound picture. Personally, I love the transformation they make: blip–> gummy bear –> something resembling a human! Have fun with all the new swag!


  5. That ultrasound picture is amazing! Hi Seafoam! Cletus looks awesome in hats… What a great big brother he’ll be! I’m glad the heat is helping the wrist a bit. I know it’s rough–I’ve been dealing with it for a few years. I used to knit like mad, but I had to stop. Now I can only handle it occasionally.


  6. Little seafoam sounds and looks great! Glad all is swell.

    It’s so awesome he’s reminding you he’s there – there’s nothing quite like it. Can’t wait to see him in some of those outfits!


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