Toward the Light (22w3d)

It’s F’ing DECEMBER. Whoa. I realized this morning that I had only really envisioned the ‘milestones’ of my pregnancy up until about this point. I think I vaguely knew that my third trimester starts on January 2nd, but in my imaginings of this pregnancy, somehow I couldn’t quite see past November. And yet, here I am.

I had a truly lovely four day weekend – so lovely that I think I would like to have them more frequently. Perhaps once a month?

I saw my BFF from HS, The Professor, his wife and their very sweet and now almost 2 year old daughter last Wednesday. The Professor lives in Portland, so we don’t see one another that often, but we’re quite good at picking up wherever we last left off. We hadn’t seen little N since she was just a few months old, and now she’s a dog-loving toddler who  ran around our house with the baby bulldog rapt and in-tow. They are also pregnant with #2, a boy, due in February. It took them over a year to conceive N (in fact, they are one of those urban myths who got a positive pregnancy test a week before their first RE appointment) and they anticipated it taking a bit for #2 as well, and then got knocked up the first month trying. We spent the bulk of the night talking about babies and daycare and maternity leave and other very, very ‘adult’ things . . .which both felt lovely (we don’t have a lot of close friends who are also parenting/pregnant in our regular lives) and weird (The professor and I have spent many many years talking about decidedly non-adult subjects.)

Thanksgiving morning La made cinnamon rolls and I pulled the meat off the turkey I made for “Operation:Turkey Sandwich,” a ‘thing’ my church does where we make bag lunches and deliver them to folks who have to work on T-Giving (cause that sucks) and baked 3 (THREE!) pies! Thanksgiving at my parent’s house was a little awkward, as my mom had invited a few ‘orphan’ friends (which is awesome) and then didn’t do the best job of integrating them into the family dynamic. Little Liam was a hilarious doll, impressing us all with his newly learned “gobble gobble” of a thanksgiving turkey. Plus, there were mashed potatoes. God bless mashed potatoes.

We put up our Xmas decorations on Friday, and La even convinced me to go out for some black friday shopping – mostly so we could (finally!) get our new dishwasher and deep freezer! Here are some pictures of our little gingerbread (slash stucco) house all lit up (plus bonus gorgeous Colorado skies for you!) We are a 4 ft fake tree house because we are always in Indiana for the actual event. Maybe someday we’ll have the fresh 7 ft firs of my childhood!

10413389_10152891126189419_6621200945707672712_n 1507861_10152891126119419_4340535847617344180_n 1604976_10152891312784419_876142146235345534_n

I made turkey stock for the year, then turned some of that into Turkey noodle soup. La made some delicious sourdough and spicy sausage dressing, we took some naps and slept in a little later than usual, snuggled some bulldogs, went swimming in the warm indoor pool at the rec center, and had dinner with some friends. All that and we even cleaned the house and did some laundry too!

Sunday I spent in the dumps again – no discernable reason, really . . .just weepy. I think I caught a little sniffle cold which made my head a bit foggy and my body a little achey, but really I had no reason to sit on the couch watching the Broncos win and weep through it all. Guess this is just what pregnancy is for me, at least some times.

It’s advent, finally – my second favorite time of the Church year (right behind Lent and Holy Week- during which I may very well be giving birth this year! whoa.) It feels especially palpable for me this year – the waiting season, a quiet internal time thinking of what is to come. After lent, of course, we travel on a trajectory towards light . . .and that, too, follows the curve of my life right now – on the upswing towards . . .well, something – but what exactly, we don’t actually know.


10 thoughts on “Toward the Light (22w3d)

  1. I love Advent. It’s my favorite too. Last year I accidentally set my advent candle holder on fire (don’t ask) and I’m having a hard time finding one I like that has a spot for the Christ candle-WHICH IS SORT OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CANDLE. So it looks like I’ll just be enjoying watching the lighting of the candles at church this year.

  2. Man….. I love mashed potatoes and you are so right! Thank goodness for them! My wife had to stop me from bringing my own personal batch of mashed potatoes to both of the Thanksgiving dinners… I was terrified that there wouldn’t be enough to go around… and/or also that I might eat so many that there weren’t enough left for the other people in attendance… Love the Christmas decorations! Its our favorite season!

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