I promised a post appointment update,  so I’m doing one quickly from my phone before we head out to eat Mongolian bbq and look at Christmas lights.  . .
Today is 25w – seafoam is the size of a rutabega, which is a delicious and under appreciated root vegetable. As of today,  I have gained a mere 7lbs since pre pregnancy which,  if you’re playing along at home,  is 0 lbs since 21w/my last appointment.  This feels shocking since i feel like all I do is eat and seafoam’s estimated weight is about 2lbs. Still,  since I started out chubby,  my pregnancy weight gain goal is no more than 25 lbs. Since I’m 2/3 of the way through my pregnancy (wait.  What?!?) And only 1/3 of the way to that gain limit,  I’d say I’m doing pretty well!  The midwife agrees.  It’s a total mindfuck to feel like you just keep getting bigger but aren’t really gaining weight.  Weird.

I’m also on track uterus size wise at 27 cm to the top of my fundus. This was my first appointment having it measured.  despite having a lot of room in there,  little dude continues to hang out low in my pelvis and,  I’m thinking,  more toward my back.  His heartbeat was harder to find today but still strong and beautiful. 

I did my gestational diabetes one hour test today.  Fingers crossed i dodge that bullet.  In this case no news is good news so pray for that,  ok? By the time we left the appointment, i was ready to barf and pass out.  The sugar drink on an empty stomach is the worst.

Finally,  I’ve taken to alternative therapies for my heartburn which is starting to get out of control.  I’ve been gulping tums,  which has the unfortunate side effect of making the constipation worse,  something neither i nor my hemmeroids need.  So i consulted with an herbalist who advised marshmallow root.  I’ve just started so can’t get report but according to the herbalist,  marshmallow is good for both heartburn AND constipation. Sounds like a pregnancy winner.  I’ll report back,  promise!

Thanks to everyone for your smarty pants comments and thoughtful responses to my last post. Money is so crazy making and it can Fuck with your head.  Thanks for helping bring me back to earth.

I leave you with week 25 bump!




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  1. Beautiful bump for a beautiful lady! Also, I had terrible heartburn, try Papaya chewable tablets and/or milk. That’s what worked for me. Also! Lots of heartburn, means lots of hair! I know its true in our case and that hair hasn’t stopped growing! LOL. Hope you get better on that front!

  2. The weight gain/loss thing is an awesome perk of being overweight before getting pregnant! I weighed my exact pre-prego weight just days after delivery, and with all those nasty relaxin hormones, my joints were very thankful that I was carrying less weight around. Breastfeeding, if you go down that path, is a kick ass calorie burner too.

  3. You look amazing! And as someone who gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy (all three of them!), I can’t even fathom not gaining much during pregnancy. Are you eating really healthily? I ate lots of bad for you (but delicious foods!) during mine. :I

  4. I’m glad the pregnancy is going well and it sounds like you don’t have to worry right now about gaining too much. I hope the diabetes test comes back negative.

  5. Thanks for the marshmallow root note – I am going to look into that and ask my TCM dr! The papaya or papaya and pineapple tablets didnt work for me but others swear by them. Your bump looks fantastic! I hope the heartburn improves.

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