Dream Baby (27w2d)

Today is my last day off after a week and a half of vacation, and – just as was the case when I was in school – I am ready to be back to work. I’m kind of terrible at vacation. Mostly, I like routine. And I miss my colleagues.

I took my three hour GTT on Friday, since Wednesday morning came far too early after a delayed flight that didn’t get us home until after midnight, which thanks to time change felt more like 2am. It wasn’t as bad as I’d made it out to be, although I’m definitely not interested in ever having to repeat it. I didn’t get shakey or vomity, which I’m hoping is evidence of good things. It was somewhat miserable to sit in a waiting room for three hours, but even that went pretty fast. I’m hoping my results will be back tomorrow when I go for my regular appointment, but I’ve been enjoying things like it might be my last day of freedom in any case. I know that GD meal plans aren’t really so bad, and any incentive to eat better is a good one. AND . . .there is something about the idea of not being able to eat certain things that makes them that much more delicious sounding – even if I rarely, or never, eat them regularly anyway.

La went out on NYE to drive for Ly.ft and made some decent money – although not as much as we were hoping. I stayed home and used my new pedicure spa foot bath and lotions, christmas gifts from my fabulous mother in law, and then fell asleep before 11pm. So – exciting night! New Year’s Day we made our traditional meal of ham, black eyed peas and greens and made ‘intention boards’ – collages of the images, ideas, and words we want to manifest for the year ahead. I think resolutions are kind of a set up, so this allows me to set goals and think about the future without also screwing myself.


Our hypnobabies class starts next Friday, and we started listening to the pre-class tracks last night. Aside from the baby bulldog doing everything in her small but bulky power to distract us (I’m talking head butting the bed, racing between rooms, barking at her toys) we made it through the first session fairly relaxed. And it must have had some significant impact, as I had a childbirth dream last night and little seafoam emerged – in that dream – with almost no pain and only a few easy pushes at home. Little seafoam was also giant. (This isn’t the first time I’ve dreamed of having a very large baby – my first childbirth dream I delivered a toddler sized, hair covered man-baby!) Although at least this time he was still infant sized, just very large infant sized. We also, again, chose a name from our list that has consistently been in the #3 slot and is, sort of, been dropped off the list. After this, I think we may need to consider adding it back. I’m excited that my dreams about child birth have, so far, consisted of delivering large babies with no pain, and hope this bodes well for the future.

Finally, hello third trimester! I continue to be a little mystified about how these things get decided, and my apps don’t seem to agree either, but since I’m about 27 1/2 weeks and the cut off seems to be either 27 or 28 weeks, I’m gonna call it. I continue to feel a lot bigger, but looking at my pictures, I don’t feel like it really shows. I’m sure that will change soon enough.

Seafoam continues to hang out pretty low in my pelvis, although his movements seem to be inching up gradually. After talking to my cousin, who suffered tears in the muscles near her ribs thanks to her babies, I’m not going to be too pushy about him moving up too fast. I also have an exceptionally long torso, so I figure he’s got a bigger pad than a lot of babies and is probably just enjoying his space while he still has it.

20150104_114806 20150104_114822

And now, the downhill ride to the birth of our son has begun. Holy shit.


7 thoughts on “Dream Baby (27w2d)

  1. I love that you love your job. I think the world would be a much nicer place if everyone did. Congrats on entering trimester three! I think your positive dreams are all a really good sign of things to come, but also that you will be prepared to handle any bumps (no pun intended) along the way. Speaking of bumps, yours is looking fabulous- especially bumplicious from the side view 🙂

  2. Woo hoo 3rd trimester! I hope you enjoy hypnobabies. I think it works; I always fell asleep during the tracks. Not sure if it was because my pregnant ass was exhausted or I hypnotized myself.

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