Water babies! 27w5d

I must be setting some personal record for blogging this week, except the week I peed on a stick every day and posted it for y’all to analyze for me. I don’t plan on getting quite that obsessive again until we are trying to get La knocked up (and it’ll be way worse, cause I can’t make her pee on things!)

I’ve been adjusting to the idea of this maybe gestational hypertension dx. The midwife called yesterday and told me all of my labs came back 100% normal, which is definitely reassuring. I have been itching to check my own BP at one of those kiosks (if you can find them anymore!) even though I was instructed not to . . .I feel like a junky. Trying to think about how I can sneak it in and keep it quiet. It wouldn’t work, I’m a terrible liar.

However, I started working on my maternity leave plan at work since I had to submit my official “this is when I’ll be gone having a baby” letter this week, and I factored in the possibility of an early induction. I’m also being more thoughtful about what I am doing between now and then, should I have to modify my tasks or work at all (for example, not spend entire days training on my feet?!) All in all, I think they are good practices to let go of some of the rigidity I feel about planning and predicting. I’m getting looser with the idea of possibility. It’s a good thing for me.

But I have at least a brief sketch of what my leave plan is, which is great. I’m planning to be out full time for 8 weeks, and then I’ll be transitioning back for another 5, working 2 days a week for a few weeks, then three days a week for a few more. I’m lucky that thanks to my super sweet ED and chill office culture, not to mention the pretty stellar benefits (for the U.S., for the non profit sector) – all of that will be 100% paid. Anything else isn’t really an option, since my paycheck is the primary one. With this plan, we should be able to avoid any outside childcare (ie: only La and I taking primary care of seafoam) until August. After that, I think I’ll be able to work from home 1 day a week, La doesn’t have classes on Friday, so we’ll only have to find care for three days a week – a lot of which my mom might take on, at least while he’s little.

In other news, this morning La and I (along with our fabulous friend E) got up and went to aqua-aerobics at the rec center. We were the youngest people there by probably 20 years, but it was *awesome*! The water is warm (92 degrees!) and the class was actually a pretty good workout. The benefit for me was that I didn’t have to worry about my belly flopping around, and it was so much easier on my joints that already feel taxed from doing like, nothing. I’m a little embarassed but mostly totally happy, and I will recommend this to any pregnant woman, especially those of you in your late second or third trimester. Plus, a warm pool is like the closest thing to a hot tub I’m gonna get for the time being.

I had a couple of days where I hardly felt seafoam at all . . .enough not to really freak out, but not enough to feel confident. In the last two days he has given me my comeuppance. All day long, big swift pummeling movements! But, still very low in my belly, close to my pubic bone still. I guess that’s his spot? I’m not worried, per se, but would like it if I started feeling like all this belly between my button and my ribs held something other than . . .guts? a uterus? amniotic fluid?


5 thoughts on “Water babies! 27w5d

  1. If Callie could even get outta bed without hurting for more then 5 minutes, i would totally get her to go swimming…it’s her favorite. And i like the idea of you transitioning back to work. I’m gonna suggest it to Callie, who hates the idea of going from not working for 6-7 months to working 7am-6pm everyday, leaving the boys in a classroom being full time, all-day daycare kids at 6 weeks old. It’s breaks my heart to think that…

    • Both times that they’ve been able to determine his position (and told me) – he’s been head down. Does that generally make a difference?

      • I was told it can mean more punching in the lower regions. Boys tend to carry lower too which probably adds to this. I hope he keeps letting you know he is still cooking even if lower down. It is so hard not to worry when babies have quiet spells

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