Sneaky Seafoam (29w)

Oh, this week. Today is the first time since Monday afternoon I’ve had any time at my desk and I am choosing to update this blog instead of begin slogging through the to-do list that has tripled itself in my absence. I can always tell when I’m harried because my desk goes from neatly organized to a whirlwind of notes and travel coffee mugs.

On the gestational side of things, there has been good and less good but still not bad (are you sensing a theme?) We had a midwife appointment on Wednesday where my weight had dropped 4 lbs and my blood pressure was 100% normal. This brings me to 10lbs total gain for the pregnancy and no longer on super-hawk watch for gestational hypertension! Seafoam, however, was hard to capture – it took the midwife (a new one, who we are less fond of) a lot of searching before she found his heartbeat, sounding very distant. Since he’s always had a loud, strong presence on the doppler from the get-go, it made me feel funny.

Unfortunately, right after walking out of the office, I got pummeled with a wave of intense nausea and weird head feelings (sorry for the lack of accuracy but I don’t know what else to call them!) I figured I was hungry, so I went home and ate some nuts, which didn’t seem to alleviate anything. La made us a truly delicious dinner of salmon and salad, which also did nothing to bring me round. Between the sudden sickness and the lingering weirdness about seafoam’s heartbeat, we decided to go to the OB screening room, our hospital’s “OB ER.”

Don’t worry, we are all ok. My BP was still normal, my urine was still free of protein. They found seafoam, albeit after another very long search, and determined my intense nausea was probably the result of shrinking stomach capacity and heartburn. I would feel like a total asshole for going to the ER for that but my favorite midwife was on call and she is the best about making sure you DON’T feel like an asshole. I also got a script for zofran and rinitidine (a heart burn med), the latter which has totally changed my life in the few days I’ve taken it, the former which I haven’t touched because I’m so afraid of the headaches that are a common side effect. I’ve opted for unisom at night (also life changing) and meclazine (OTC) during the day. The nausea is sticking around, although the head cloudiness has mostly cleared up.

My final note about pregnancy body function is this: I will never, ever again decide to ‘switch up’ my mira.lax/docusate sodium (aka: my pooping regimen) again. I made the foolish decision to move when I took the meds from before bed to morning, to avoid consuming any more liquid than I already was close to bedtime. After three days I had not pooped. Clearly, my body was in revolt. Constipation when you have a stowaway the size of a winter squash in residence is awful. So I upped my game and switched back to night time. This morning I was greeted with a poop the size of an antarctic iceberg that I felt I had to birth. Never. Again.

(and I’m not sorry about not prefacing this with TMI because who reads TTC/pregnancy blogs and is offended by bodily functions?!)

Work is fucking insane. In addition to trying to prep to leave for two months (not my specialty as your friendly office type A neurotic) and get all the training for all the schools I work with done in 10 weeks (or less!), the government also issued new grants (for teen pregnancy prevention, if you’re new to my blog – the great irony of being an infertile queer is that I spend my days trying to ensure other people don’t get pregnant) which means, in between all my other work, I’m trying to read and digest 150 page requests for proposals. Maternity leave is looking both so desirable and so fucking terrifying.

Life, like pregnancy, is getting less comfortable. But it’s still awesome.

Oh, and here’s the 28 + 3 bump:



14 thoughts on “Sneaky Seafoam (29w)

  1. Im glad you went to the ER and got the reassurance you needed. I love the part about constipation, im learning from you because you’re five steps ahead of me in pregnancy knowlege! OmG i have to take milk of magnesia and force feed myself kale and salad every day, I’ve never struggled with that before! Glad you finally pooped.

    • If you have trouble with the pooping, I *highly* recommend miralax. You just mix a capful into your water and it dissolves completely. It’s 100% safe, and just softens the stool. It’s a f’ing miracle drug as far as I’m concerned.

  2. You look so fantastic! I’m so glad everything is looking good health-wise. I have to say, I have never, ever spent as much time and energy thinking about pooping as I have since pregnancy. Holy hell. This shit is no joke. (See what I did there?)

  3. Glad you and seafoam are alright! You look lovely as always!! I didnt know the Zofran had headaches as a side effect and now I know why i had one after taking it this morning. The heartburn med you take i have too and its awesome right!? So fast. Im about to get some unisom tonight cause sleeping is a bitch!

  4. I wish I had known there was a pill I could take for heartburn. I was slugging back gaviscon like it was water by the end. And I’m giving you a heartfelt round of applause for getting your bowels in order. My first post-partum poop was much worse than birth and took me by surprise. I’m sure you’ll be ready for it and have a much less unpleasant experience. P.s. nice pjc- you look lovely!

  5. Uuughhh prego poops are the worst! I had to add prune juice to the colace regimen and found that helped. The bump is looking awesome! Hope the BP stays under control!

  6. You look fantastic gurl!! Get that prenancy ish! Glad to hear your feeling better…quick poop story…so with the c-section, its already backing things up for Callie, but add not really eating, narcotic pain meds and no poops for 6 days, Callie decided to take a Milk of Magnesia w/laxative…she calls me into the bathroom so i can applaud her piops because i was getting concerned and if you think you had an iceburg! Believe me when I tell you, it was Mt Freaking Everest up in there!!!!

  7. I hate to offer another change in routine (after the experience you had recently :)), so I’ll just quietly share that Calm Magnesium powder works absolute wonders for me and doesn’t taste bad at all (particularly the lemon flavor). There’s also a Calcium/Mag powder, but I just do the Mag powder. Also helps mood stay on the sunny side – never a bad thing. 🙂 So – if you get tired of Miralax or there is a shortage and none available – Calm Mag powder also works lovely. 🙂

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