30 weeks!

Holy Shit. From here on out, the countdown is in single digit weeks. That’s weird!

I don’t have a whole lot to update on, but somehow 30 weeks feels milestone worthy . . .is that true? I mean, the third trimester is established, and it’s not like some kind of developmental line was crossed. Maybe it’s just a fondness for multiples of 10?

The most exciting thing is that I got my hair done! (yeah. I’m serious. is that depressing?) BFFBF (aka: our donor’s boyfriend) is in hair school, which means access to a fabulous hairdresser for very little money – a real boon for the fashion forward bohemian income level soon-to-be mother. Around the time we got pregnant, I made an unofficial decision to start growing my hair out (it’s been somewhere between very short and short since I was a sophomore in college) and with it, see the extent to which I have gone gray. I’m only 33 but my mom was solidly salt-and-pepper by 40 and full on silver fox by 45, so I knew it was coming. Indeed, as my locks have gotten longer, so too have the hardy chunks and definitive streaks of gray made themselves known. I wanted to know what the damage was, but also to learn to embrace it. The hair color train is hard to get off when you’re an early turner in the gray department; leaving hair color after a certain point means embracing not just the silver but the skunk part.

Comme ca:

images (2)

Which I don’t wanna do. So I thought: get over it now while it’s still new and subtle, and avoid heartbreak later. Unfortunately, unlike my mom who had naturally very dark brown hair, mine is a nondescript medium-brown which, when supplemented with gray, just looks ashy and gross. And I am 30 weeks pregnant and feeling frumpy isn’t exactly difficult to do under the best circumstances. So, I said fuck it and told BFFBF to do as he wanted, and he did. I haven’t been able to get the best picture yet, but its a really lovely combination of red and copper and blonde highlights. And I feel way less frumpy. And way less old. I’m already freaking out about being someone’s mother so I don’t need the premature gray to complicate that, you know?

I also had a really intense dream about having a miscarriage, except in the dream I was only 14 weeks pregnant. (I don’t mean only  in any dismissive way,  just that it’s less pregnant than I am now) and it really hit me kind of hard. As soon as I gained enough awareness to realize where I was, Seafoam gave me a good switch punch to the pelvis, which was relief. But dreams like that are terrifying. I’ve come to the realization that there is no end to worry now that this little being is here. No end to the thought that the other shoe might drop. But I think the spaces between the worries are getting bigger. And good swift kicks help maintain perspective.

Gotta run to hypnobabies class! Here’s 30 weeks!



15 thoughts on “30 weeks!

  1. I love your hair! In this picture it almost looks my color. 30 weeks is totally a milestone and it looks fabulous on you! I can’t believe you’re in the single digits from here out! Also re: grey. I am getting stark white hairs right at my temples that are impossible to hide. I have never colored my hair (ever) but I fear the time is drawing near.

  2. I never bothered fighting the gray. With short hair it was such a big pain in the ass to even think about dying that I didn’t. Hell, half the time people don’t even notice because it blends in so well, but I figure it’s the only thing that makes me look older than a teenager, so it’s a benefit. hahahaha

    welcome to the last stretch. It goes so fast now! As does the energy. The more you can accomplish now, even if it feels really early, the easier the last weeks will be. 🙂

  3. looks great! I’ve been tossing around dying my hair, but I get too scared. There’s a Paul Mitchell school up the street that does it cheap, but I don’t even know how to talk the talk to communicate what I want.

  4. Your hair looks great! Congrats on 30 weeks! I can’t believe you are almost there girl. DW has hair similar in colour to yours, and she has patches of silver coming in. We can’t wait until she is a silver fox!

  5. Ahhh 30 weeks! So crazy gosh. I love the hair looks good on you….but your hiding your face lol. I too have always had short or very short hair and just feel like i should have long hair now, so ive been growing out for two years in hopes id have lovely preggo locks lol. My wife has medium/dark brown hair and is going grey pretty hard core too, so she colors it all the time now, it took her a long time to accept that coloring it makes her feel and look better.

  6. Love the new color! I will have to post a picture of my VIOLET hair. Yes. My mommy do has a purple hue! ;P Anyway, you look fabulous. Also, 30 f’ing weeks!? Holy Cats! (Punky has been saying that for weeks, its growing on me.)

  7. Another fan of the new colour here! I have dark brown hair and plenty of long white/grey hairs – eapecially since my miscarriages and all the stress. I havent wanted to dye till I’d not been TTC or pregnant, so will hopefully give it a go (for the first time since i was about 18!) after baby is born 🙂

  8. Something about a good hair do makes me feel brand new! Love it! I have also been blessed with extra silver during my pregnancy and it was right up front! My wife called me Rogue. 😉

  9. 30 weeks sounds like a huge milestone. With my dear Oli at 29 weeks, 30 sounds so much further along. Congrats on 30 weeks. And I love love the hair. We’re also doing hypnobirthing.. is that the same as hynobabies class lol.. we start in a couple of weeks. It’s getting so real! you’re looking great!

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