31 weeks! **NOW with FUN! management Update!**

I think my creative blog title well runneth dry . . .sorry y’all.

The most exciting news is that tomorrow is our Colorado baby shower! We are super lucky to have friends and family throwing us showers in both Colorado (where we live and my family is) and Indiana (where La is from). So shower #1 is tomorrow and #2 is two weeks later, on Feb 14th. La and I haven’t had to do a thing for the showers, other than provide names and contact info, and it’s been really lovely. As an extra special bonus, BFFBF (our donor’s boyfriend and the friend who colored and cut my hair) want a good picture of my hair, so he’s coming over before the shower to give me the full on celebrity blow-out experience. The worth of this gift was reinforced earlier this week when I tried to straighten my own hair and it looked . . .well . . .not so hot. So I am very pleased to have BFFBF come over. If only I could figure out how to have this happen daily . . .

Here’s a few other highlights of my week:

  • I have weird ear pain. I’ve had it for a bit now, mostly when I’m lying down or just wake up. The first morning I had it, I felt certain a full on sinus infection/ear infection was headed my way. But then nothing really showed. So then I thought it might be TMD (from the TMJ joint in the jaw) but I never really had any pain in my teeth or jaw, or any other indication of a problem. So I asked my midwife at our appointment, and she looked and said she saw inflammation . . .but then decided not to give me anything and told me to take sudafed for a few days and if it didn’t clear up to talk to my GP. Today I feel more congested and my throat is a little sore. So, I’m taking votes: do I go see my GP or book an appointment with a specialist about TMJ or just chalk this up to something else weird?
  • Speaking of the midwife . . .we unfortunately had to see our very least favorite this week, confirming our decision to buck the system and start scheduling far out to be able to see our fave, who I’m naming Velma because she reminds me of that sassy, spunky nerdy scooby doo character. Going to a medical appointment every two weeks just sucks if you don’t like the person you’re seeing. I am also recruiting the universe to help me get Velma there for my birth! But, all was well. Seafoam was hard to capture on the doppler again, moving all around and making it obvious. But we finally got him. I’m measuring on-track, BP is normal (higher than last time, but they used the machine instead of doing it manually, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt) and I’m approved to fly to Indy in two weeks, and to Durango, Co in three (for work.)
  • Speaking of work  . . . Babs (my supervisee who you may remember from here has continued to be a pain in my ass since October, but things are finally showing up more clearly as poor work. Not so much that she’s a bad employee/person (she’s not) but more than she just doesn’t have the skills needed for the position. My ED and I had another talk with her this week, and it was rough. Babs cried, a lot, mostly because it’s hard to hear that people think you’re not good at your job, especially if you’re kind of clueless about it. I say this, but honestly, I felt like shit. I don’t think she’s a good fit for her position, but I also hate being a reason someone is hurt. We told her some things need to change very quickly, and she said she’s not sure she should stay. We are meeting in an hour to talk things through again. I imagine it will suck again. To round things out, we also had a site visit from the primary funder of the program I manage, who is often confusing and intimidating. It went well, but it was an entire 8 hour day of ass-kissing. So, I’m beat.
  • I’m finally feeling seafoam up higher! I was starting to be confused/concerned that I only ever felt him down lower. But this past week I’ve gotten some clear thumps, bumps and kicks up higher. I think my placenta may be higher up in the front, as I’ve had multiple experiences this week of feeling a kick from the outside but NOT the inside, which seems weird? But reasonable, right? My guess is, since he’s been head down at every appointment we’ve had, that he’s just finally big enough for his legs and feet to be kicking me instead of flailing unbidden in the upper part of my uterus. But I’m not a doctor.

That’s all . . .expect some baby shower pictures and updates soon! Until then, send me good woo to be a caring, understanding but also take-no-shit manager, ok?

Update! Babs put in her notice . . .for TWO weeks. Expected, but maybe frustrating because . . .1) she talked a BIG game on weds about wanting to ‘transition well’ and leave things positively 2) a F’ing HUGE event that falls under her purview is scheduled for March 9th – less than 5 weeks away. 3) I’m going on maternity leave in 6-10 weeks. AND YET . . .I am so relieved.


7 thoughts on “31 weeks! **NOW with FUN! management Update!**

  1. I carried low the whole time, but I didn’t realize how long it took for the uterus to get above the belly button even. Hopefully seafoam avoids your ribs at least. 🙂

    I hope you get all the things you need from the showers. And even if you don’t, the stuff you take back to the store can offset the other things you didn’t get. hehe Don’t forget to have someone (not you two) document who got you what so you can thank them personally later. Overall, just have fun. It’s all about the shared excitement of a new life in the end. 😀

    As for work, you all sound like you’re doing the best you can with the situation. It’s not your fault she doesn’t have the skills needed. And it’s her choice to take it personally or not. She’ll be better off for it to find a position that does match her skills. Hang in there, it will be resolved before too long and then you’ll be so focused on being a new mom it won’t even matter. Soon seafoam will be here!!!

  2. Wowee!! Two baby showers! That is awesome. Clearly, you two and Seafoam are very loved. Ugh with the work stuff. It sounds very difficult trying to be sensitive yet constructive with her. Good luck with all of the travel. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself.

  3. Yay for baby showers! Can’t wait to see pictures. Managerial work shit is hard. I went through something similar with an employee I LOVED last year. We’d seriously be good friends if I wasn’t her boss, but man she sucked as an employee. I absolutely hate that part of being a manager.

  4. Yikes! It sounds like it’s a good thing that Babs gave her notice, but two weeks is not much time at all! And it must be stressful to think about somehow hiring and training someone new before you go out on leave. Hang in there! I imagine that the most important stuff will get done no matter what.
    Enjoy the showers! They sound like so much fun!

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