Spew (34w 3d)

Let’s start with the good news: La is home (which is the BEST news!!), my headache has stayed away since Wednesday, and taking a few things off my plate have been incredibly helpful to my mental and physical health. Also excellent: this morning at my midwife appointment, my blood pressure was back down to normal, so Velma (the best midwife!) is not going to make me do the usual PIH monitoring at this point (which would mean twice a week fetal monitoring, fluid checks, and labs) and instead is just having me come in weekly (only a little early than usual for weekly appointments) to track my BP. So, even with last week’s visit to the screening room and list of high BP readings, I’m still technically in the clear.

We did book our appointments out through our due date which was WEIRD. Velma thinks Seafoam might be early (which is something that La has been trying to will into existence for a while now) – possibly in the 39 week timeframe. This would be awesome, since La is on spring break at that point, and as she doesn’t get any (nope, NONE) parental leave, it would be really nice to have her home for a few days after the dude is born. Obviously, she’ll be able to take a day or two off in any case, but it would be lovely to not have to worry. She said he’s sitting face up right now (still head down though) so gave me some exercises to do to help him turn face down, and estimates him to be about 4.5-5lbs at this point – good size but not huge.

The less than awesome highlight of my day: After our appointment, La and I went to eat breakfast at a diner. I’d eaten a yogurt cup before we left – smaller than my usual breakfast but by no means insignificant – but was starving by the end of the appointment, a couple of hours later. We ordered and I ate a lot of my food kind of quickly. I started to feel a little funny, and about 30 seconds later, I could feel the puke rising in my mouth. To hear La tell it, my face got a funny look, then my hand went to my mouth, then my eyes got huge as I realized that I was going to vomit. I got up and started frantically looking for where the bathroom was, and just barely made it into the door before  . . .spew. Not my most gorgeous moment, for sure. I won’t make you all relive the details, but suffice to say the ammunition came before I could get to the target, and both the bathroom and I needed some clean up. Pretty much everything I’d eaten came up before La ushered me out to the car and paid our bill. I came home, showered and brushed my teeth, and crawled into bed. My tummy is still pretty queasy, although I’ve managed water, toast and applesauce and all have stayed down successfully.

If I hadn’t just come from the midwife, where my BP was “beautiful’ I’d be freaked out. But I think this can be chalked up to either a stomach virus or eating too much too fast with too small a stomach, or food poisoning. A few folks on FB mentioned labor, but I’m thinking that’s not in the cards. Aside from being awfully early, I’m not having any contractions or other labor signs.

I get it, Universe – slow down! But I’m slowing down, so if you could let me off the hook from puking in public all over myself, that would be awesome.

And sorry, word press, I guess I just get grosser and grosser with posts the more pregnant I get!


20 thoughts on “Spew (34w 3d)

    • He did have his back on the left but today she said it felt like his back was against mine. I failed to mention in my post that, of course, I peed a little while puking because pregnancy. Ugh. So miserable.

  1. You poor thing! That happened to me in a movie theater once when I had an unexpected reaction to an antibiotic. I was lucky I made it out of the theater, but the bathroom was not so lucky. So embarrassing. I hope it was just a fluke and that you don’t have to deal with it again! Glad to hear that the BP is looking better!

  2. Oh no to puking!
    Remember when they do fluid checks or any ultrasounds that they are not accurate for measurement. Weight can be a pound or two off either way and there is actually no way to measure the fluid. Babies also start swallowing the fluid toward the end. I am really glad your bp is in the clear.

  3. Glad to hear that La is home and you got good BP news. I’m sorry to hear about the spew. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. That sucks. When I was in junior high I was prone to migraines, and I got one suddenly at the start of class, and when we were saying the pledge of allegience I realized I was about to puke (I used to get violently ill with my migraines) and I tried to get to the door, but ended up throwing up all over one of my classmates. 😦
    I feel your pain.

  5. I hope you’re feeling better! Yeah pregnancy is interesting – this morning I drank a few sips of coffee and immediately threw it back up in the kitchen sink. Does your stomach shrink during pregnancy? I’m glad you’re okay, and your BO is okay!

  6. I found that my nausea came back during the 3rd trimester (I almost wrote semester lol, lack of sleep). Not as bad as in the first, but not a welcome return.

  7. Is it terrible that I laughed out loud?!

    To share my own puking/peeing stories, I have peed myself (yay small bladder + fibroids) in public SEVERAL TIMES and have puked out of cabs (not drunk) many times.

    Of course, I hope you feel better, but I had a good chuckle.


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