Ready . . .Set . . (35w3d)

I woke up this morning and felt HUGE. So far, I’ve just felt pregnant. But the waddle is in full swing, even my biggest maternity shirts are beginning to border on not long enough, and I make a variety of noises when doing many normal physical activities like getting into a car or tying my shoes. I guess this is what it’s like to be (4 days shy of) 9 months pregnant.

Things have been on the upswing since the spew! Although – does morning sickness come back? Cause I have now had three mornings of intense dry heaving (before breakfast) and I am feeling peeved about it. I hardly vomited in the first trimester, but now I’m gonna heave up bile over my gigantic belly? C’mon! But I have felt pretty good, all things considered – no further evidence of sickness or high BP symptoms – I’ll find out how I’m doing on the count in about an hour at my midwife appointment.

Work is definitely feeling better! The interim person we hired to take babs’ place is A-MAZ-ING and I am worried I’m freaking her out with how effusive I’m being about her awesomeness. It’s just such a huge shift to not have to worry about things getting done! With the big event just a week away, I could have been in the depths of intense anxiety. Instead, I’m feeling pretty good! I’m also pretty much through the Third Trimester Training guantlet I set myself up for – with just one last short training tomorrow afternoon. After that, I’ll be mostly in the clear to just wrap up projects and do some fun work before leave! I’m trying to keep my calendar as open as possible (although this week I get an F for that) so I can chill out and also be prepared for whenever the dude might show.

This weekend, we returned the duplicates/don’t needs from our showers, and used our gift cards and coupons to get the last few things that we needed. Y’all, I feel so amazingly blessed that, in total, La and I have spent maybe $200 of our own money on things we need for Seafoam. Between hand-me-downs and shower gifts, we have really gotten lucky in the material goods realm. And this includes a lot of our ‘luxury’ items – things we really don’t “need” but are happy to have. I’m totally blown away at the generosity of the people in our lives! And so, between having most of our stuff and La having spent a lot of time in the last week getting the nursery together, I thought I’d share some pictures!

This is the view from the doorway – the wall looks more orangey in this picture, but is actually ‘antique red.’ The crib is to the right, dresser/changing table on the far left, glider is in the center (with blankets on it) and cloth diaper station is next to it, serving as a night stand as well. Note the mobile – which is also a lamp, with lights in the paper lantern/balloons!


This is the wall above the changing table/dresser. We are going to hang additional family pictures on this wall (right now we just have some of the nieces/nephews) Most of our sheets, drapes, and glider are gray.


This is the third wall (next to the door) with the closet and bookshelves (made from gutters – yep the kind on your house – by my genius boo!) The prayer flags were a project at our showers – folks wrote prayers/thoughts/wishes for seafoam on the paper, backed it with fabric, then we hot glued to twine and strung them around the room.


This is over the crib. The center picture was drawn by la’s brother and says “Fly High, Tiny One!” – the rest are antique prints of balloons in frames we thrifted and painted.


It’s a small room, but so cozy and lovely and just exactly what we wanted! It still needs a little de-cluttering/organizing, but it’s pretty well set. Of course, Seafoam will be in a co-sleeper in our room for the first few months at least, but I imagine we’ll still use this space a lot, just because we love it so much!

Aren’t you excited by the minimal reference to bodily fluids and the amount of adorable pictures! Oh yeah, and then there’s this:

20150302_142536 20150302_142543


19 thoughts on “Ready . . .Set . . (35w3d)

  1. The nursery is adorable! Love the hot air balloons. I have these abstract hot air balloon prints on the wall in my office and I love them. They always make me happy.
    You look fantastic! As always. You’re definitely putting my wardrobe in perspective for me, though. I have a couple of shirts that I keep looking at in my closet and I can’t imagine that I will EVER fill them out, but hmm… looks like 35 weeks might be their prime time. 🙂
    Finally, is it just me or is the world of cloth diapering a bit confusing/overwhelming? We really want to, but every time I start trying to figure out what we need, I hit a mental wall. There are so many different things out there! How on earth did you decide?

    • We took a class at a local store that sells cloth diapering stuff and it made deciding what system to go with SO much easier! Is highly recommend looking for one if it’s at all possible! We are going to be using mostly prefolds which are the cheapest but also the least “convenient” (by which I mean you need multiple pieces and it’s not as similar to disposables) but we are also lucky to have experience with this system, since our gid daughters were cloth diapered in this way. We also registered for a diaper service for the first 3 months and got about 2 months of it from friends, so that will be a big help. Lots of folks recommend starting cloth after the first three months or so, since newborn diapers will only fit for a very short time but after that, the infant size will last most of their first year. We decided to go with the service early on for this reason!

      • I went to that class. They were really nice! I ended up using disposables for a few weeks until I could handle going up and down the stairs to do laundry. Coconut oil at every change made the meconium so much easier to wipe. You will have fun with cloth!

  2. Omg. Hot air balloons are one of my favourite themes! The nursery looks awesome. I’m glad that Bab’s replacement has made up for her lack of. I’m sorry you’re yakking again. Your bump is looking fab, as is your hair too!

  3. Agh I remember that suddenly big feeling so well. I woke up one day and all of a sudden I sounded like a dinosaur when I attempted to put shoes on. You look amazing and so does the room.

  4. This room is ADORBS. I loove the hot air ballon motif! We’ve finally gotten going on ours-I’m a little antsy about how long we’ve really put it off. We had to get it emptied out because it was being used for storage, and we finally finished doing that this weekend and now it has to be completely redone. Chief pulled up carpet this weekend but is only 50% done with pulling up all those god forsaken staples in the floor!

    I also wanted to tell you that I found out my shower hostess is doing the “book instead of card” thing and I’m so librarian-geeky excited! Didn’t you have that? I remember seeing it on someone’s page and being super jealous, and I think it was you!

  5. Yassss to all of this! I love the hot air balloons and pictures (our nursery was travel themed with ballon pics too!) that nursery is cozy and perfect! Cloth diapering is awesome-we do it about 75% of the time lol…you’re getting so close I can’t believe it :))))

  6. I’m happy to hear a less stressed Andie this week. So happy your interm is working out as well. Your looking gorgeous as usual and I am getting ansy to meet your little Seafoam and know his name!

  7. Love the nursery! Seriously, no wonder you’re dry heaving, your belly is major bumping! My wife had a lot of gastric upset toward the end of her pregnancy, just because she was running out of room.

    • Yeah. This is what my midwife told me yesterday. It’s miserable! Way worse than the first tri (for me anyway! )

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