Go! (36w6d)

I have been wanting to write an update for so long now . . .there’s been good fodder for an update! But it hasn’t happened. Partially, this is because work has continued to eat my time up, against my best attempts at limiting my schedule. Partly, it’s because my carpel tunnel has become almost unmanageable, and the idea of using the computer any more than absolutely necessary brings me to tears.

I was excited for this week, because I saw an end to some of those limitations. The big legislative advocacy visit day we hold for youth each year (which Babs bailed on three weeks ahead of time) was Monday, and thanks to our interim person and lots of good work on everyone’s behalf, it went beautifully. I went to the physical therapist on Tuesday morning and got some new braces to use at work . . .and not much else, unfortunately. But still It was progress! I had a sight visit with some funders for most of the day Tuesday, but the rest of the week was free and clear to finish my maternity leave plan and do some final projects in my last few weeks.

Over the weekend, we picked up some final items for the hospital bag – I got supplies to make “padsicles” (aloe and witch hazel pads that soothe after vaginal delivery) and got everything in order so La would get off my back about the bag. Seafoam’s bag was all set too, in the crib and ready to roll with both newborn and 0-3 outfits all ready for him.

And then I went to the midwife on Tuesday afternoon.

I should mention that over the weekend, my feet and hands went from kind of puffy to staypuft level swollen. I upped my water and added lemon, and made La take me shopping for new shoes on Sunday, since my others were getting tight. After some tears and a lot of looking around, I finally got a pair of men’s sketcher slip ons that weren’t too terribly dorky. (It doesn’t help that on a good, not-swollen day, I wear a women’s 10 1/2-11) On Tuesday, when I got to the midwife and took my pants off for my group B strep test, I could hardly get my pants off over my legs because they were so swollen. It was . . .gross.

So when Velma came in and asked me how I was, I casually mentioned the swelling to her. She had previously told me that swelling wasn’t actually a good indicator of problems, since pretty much everyone swells at the end of pregnancy, so I felt a little awkward. I lifted up the sheet to show her my legs and she said, “Oh. No, thats not normal. I see swelling all day and that’s bad.” My BP had been borderline the two times it was checked at the appointment, so she told me that after the GBS test and exam, she wanted me to go over to the OB screening room to have labs run and monitoring done on seafoam. Labs come back to the screening room in 20 minutes, whereas it can tae 2-3 days for the clinic.

She got out the doppler at this point, and started looking around for Seafoam’s heartbeat. She found his cord and heard the heartbeat, steady and strong. But she couldn’t find his actual heartbeat. He was moving like crazy, so there was no concern about him being alive and well, but she clearly wanted to get his actual heart on the doppler. “Let’s throw you on the ultrasound!” Velma was a little worried, I could tell, but calm enough that I was able to maintain my cool despite things going downhill fast. Did I mention this was the one appointment the entire pregnancy that La wasn’t able to attend with me?

So, into the other room I went. She flipped the ultrasound on, moved it around and said, “Oh, I thought maybe . . .he’s breech.” Yup. After weeks of feeling pretty confident that Seafoam’s head was in my pelvis, turns out his butt was just very hard and he was happily sitting with his booty in my pelvis and his head up and on my left. Little turd. So, what now? Well – three options: 1) Hope he flips on his own (not highly likely at this point in the game) 2) Schedule an external cephalic version to try and manually turn him 3) schedule a c-section.

The clear answer to me was the version. Not that I don’t trust chiropractic care and moxibustion and spinningbabies.com, but I wasn’t willing to risk a c-section without doing everything I could. And, the version needs to happen as close to 37 weeks as possible. And 37 weeks is tomorrow, so . . . I scheduled the version for Friday morning at 9am. And then Velma sent me to the screening room.

La was able to meet me there, thank god, as I was feeling more than a little freaked out at this point. We got hooked up to the monitors – seafoam was doing well, my BP was still borderline – and they took blood and urine. And La and I sat and chatted and talked about how to get the little dude to turn his butt up. And two hours later, the midwife came in and said, “Ok, I got your labs back! The good news is . . .” and here’s where I was fully expecting her to say (as has been said every other time things got a little middy) everything is normal. Instead, she said, “You’re going to have a baby in a few days.”


Yup. Β I have pre-eclampsia. Very mild pre-eclampsia, at this point, but I have it. And the standard of care at our hospital is to deliver at 37 weeks with any pre-E, as it rarely if ever stays mild and is far more likely to rogress quickly to severe and potentially life threatening. The risks for me and complications like placental abruption are too high to not deliver.

But, he’s breech. So?

So. Tomorrow morning at 9am, I will go in for the ECV, and with some luck and medical manipulation, Seafoam will turn head down. At this point, I’ll be induced using cytotec and a foley bulb, and we will have Seafoam sometime this weekend. If the ECV doesn’t work, I will have a c-section on Friday instead. In any case, we are having a baby this weekend. WE ARE HAVING A BABY THIS WEEKEND.

I’m grieving the loss of the ideal birth (and before you leave a comment, I KNOW that the goal is always a healthy mom, healthy baby AND it sucks to not have things go the way you wanted! So please don’t leave me comments like that, yeah?) and hopeful that we will at least be able to deliver vaginally using hypnobabies (so I’m happy to accept prayers for a spinning baby who goes head down!) And I am WAY MORE EXCITED about getting to meet my baby in a few days!

But, I spent all day yesterday trying to get what had been weeks of preparation into order in just a few hours. I still have a couple of things to do for work today, but I’m not at the office, since I needed a day to absorb WTF is happening and get a few things in order. I’m headed to acupuncture in a few minutes, and then to run some errands. Today is the last normal day in my life before I have a kid.

It’s strange to know when this is happening, but with such short notice. There are benefits and draw backs to it, I suppose – just like any situation. Just enough time to get a little anxious, not enough time to do all of the things I want. But foreknowledge that I didn’t expect, in any case.

I’ll try and give small updates about the version and whichever ‘choose your own adventure’ birth story we end up with, based on if he flips. But I imagine that my next real update, I’ll be able to show you a picture and tell you what Seafoam’s ‘real’ name is. (Y’all didn’t think that’s what we were naming him, did you?)

Holy shit.


40 thoughts on “Go! (36w6d)


    NOT excited that you have pre-e. THAT is a bummer. But- eeeeep baby!!! Silver linings my friend, silver linings! You are strong, and you are both going to be SUCH good mommas!!! I will be sending you happy thoughts and prayers that it is quick, smooth and easy and he has a delightful entrance into the world (as delightful as it can be, anyway) πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! I am sending you all of the spinning baby vibes I possibly can. I hope everything goes beautifully tomorrow, and I can’t WAIT to find out what Seafoam’s name is! Thinking of all 3 of you!

  3. How exciting! Wishing you much luck and all the positive energy and prayers you need. I can not wait to see pictures of your new little family πŸ™‚

    This post also made me realize that maybe we need to get things in order instead of just continuing to think we have time still and putting it off. You just never know when things can change.

  4. OMG. Holy shit. This is for real happening!!! I’m so glad that your midwife figured stuff out, because pre-E is serious business! I hope Seafoam flips, and that you’re able to follow as much of your birth plan as possible. I can’t wait to meet the little monkey!

  5. You are in my thoughts! I hope it is a positive experience and not just the end result. Maybe some of the other methods can help tonight and if not the version. (Aside- wallace could turn past 37 weeks but it was a tight fit. Some babies can even turn in labor.) I hope the induction works and they give your body some time to adjust to it (look up the acupressure points tonight!). This must feel like a wild ride going from at home inseminations to ivf to natural birth plans to induction (crossing all my fingers that is it for your roller coaster). Parenting is all about trying to plan for ideals and possibilities and then having to completely redo your plans. Hang in there and make sure you understand every step of the process so you can integrate the changes to your thinking and still be in charge of your body and baby. You got this.

  6. HOLY CRAP!!! I can’t wait to see his little face, regardless of what way he comes into the world. Hope you get the delivery that you, and that little Seafoam comes to this world to his two loving moms safe and sound. All the love in the world to you, and YAY for Seafoam! (turn baby, turn!)


    This weekend! This is so exciting. I know they were obviously going to arrive sometime but this is sooner! Ahhhhh!!

    Can’t wait to find out their name, read the story, everything.

    Sending you lots of luck and hope for a spinning baby. X

  8. Holy shit indeed! That is exciting. And crazy. And I totally understand what it’s like to have to suddenly change course and pack up all the stuff you need way sooner than you expected to need it–except that in my case I had like 2 hours. Anyway. I really really really hope Seafoam turns for you and you’re able to deliver vaginally. I had to be on Cytotec and I’m not going to lie–it was insanity. 15 hours after my water broke I still hadn’t had a single contraction, but about 30 minutes after my second dose of Cytotec I was in full blown active labor. First contraction to delivery was under 4 hours. In.San.It.y. So yeah. Be prepared for anything and everything! I’ll cross my fingers that Seafoam turns!

  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Very exciting! I can’t wait to see a photo of Seafoam and learn what we can call him. Please tell me his middle name will be Seafoam? πŸ˜‰

    Sending “turn baby, turn” vibes for ya.

  10. WOW! I can’t say I expected this outcome when I began reading this post. Sounds like you’ve got an exciting weekend ahead of you. Sending lots of good vibes to you, LA and Seafoam. Hope the little man behaves and turns as expected.

  11. You never know! Labour & delivery are big lotteries sometimes, but I’m sending you all the well wishes possible that your little seafoam helps make all your delivery wishes come true! So excited for you guys! Xx

  12. Sending you good vibes for the delivery you have dreamed of! Please don’t be scared of a c-section (or disappointed) if it comes to that…..I ended up with one, and I still love Finley’s birth story and I LOVED my recovery. So happy and excited for you!

  13. Ahhhhh!!!! Yay!!!! Holy hell Seafoams coming!!! I’m so excited. I’m very sorry your ideal birth is not going to happen I really am. I’m grieving the same thing and it’s not easy. On the other hand I’m beyond happy for you guys and glad she caught the pre-e in time. Keep us posted!!! XO

  14. This is big, very big! πŸ™‚ Holding the three of you in loving light for this next phase of the adventure. Enjoy tonight – do something relaxing with your love that will be hard to do when Seafoam is earth side. Hope you two are so impressed with yourselves and how you are rolling with these changes like bosses. Not easy to do, and you both are moving with grace, trust, and vision. Sending so much love and hoping I don’t break my technologies checking for updates. Love, love, love to the three of you. πŸ™‚

  15. P.S. The way you are handling these changes while honoring your feelings and making the decisions that are best for you and your family (not always easy to balance all those needs/wants/etc and come up with what’s right to do) are just another of a million examples of what good Mamas you both are. πŸ™‚

  16. Holy shit!

    That’s awesome that Seafoam will be joining you soon, but I totally get your worry about not having the ideal birth. I will be quite disappointed if I have to induce and possibly devastated if I have a c section.

  17. Wow, this is crazy! I’m excited and nervous for you! I’m sorry about the pre-e. This is a big fear of mine because it’s common in over-35 moms. I hope Seafoam spins. My sister had a doula and was so excited about a natural birth and had a baby who just wouldn’t spin and had a c-section. I hope either way that you have a great birth and can’t wait to meet #*%*%*!!

  18. So much luck! Hoping for a calm, beautiful birth, whatever form it takes.

    (And, for what it’s worth, Bingo flipped around 37 weeks after I lay inverted on an ironing board for about 15 minutes with a pack of frozen peas on my pelvis. Maybe if you have time after the errands?)

  19. Oh wow, so much emotion in one post! I’m so excited for you two to meet Seafoam this weekend! Sending you all the “woo” in the universe for a happy, healthy delivery and baby boy!

  20. Wow, exciting news that you get to meet your baby sooner, but sorry to hear about the pre-eclampsia. Good luck and I hope all goes well. πŸ˜ƒ

  21. I am so excited for you both! My little girl was a “Frank” breech baby…I tried the version and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be…but no luck…my uterus didn’t want to cooperate. And I completely understand your grief for a natural birth. I can tell you that once your baby is here, the grief becomes a little less important. Good luck!

  22. I really and truly get the grieving the ideal birth bit. I developed severe Cholestasis and was given ONE HOUR to get to L&D at the hospital. We had no bags packed. No car seat installed. Nothing. I didn’t care about that but felt really gutted about the fact that my ideal birth plan was out the window. Once baby was born I still felt a little miffed but honestly it all took a back seat pretty fast. I hope you can say the same and am so glad they caught the preeclampsia before it progressed.

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