Slow and steady

It’s been 36 hours since we arrived at L&D. After we found out the version was unnecessary,  I was given cytotec once. . . Twice. . . A total of six times.  Due to the pre-eclampsia, I’ve been chained to the monitor which has sucked.
But they gave me ambien, and I slept better than I have in weeks,  even in a shitty hospital bed with a nurse coming in hourly to re-place the monitor to get baby’s heartbeat.  Still,  after three doses between 4pm and 7am, I was still a 0. . . With mild contractions – so mild I couldn’t even feel them.
So three more doses,  8 more hours.  No dilation but cervix was soft. They tried to place a foley bulb but couldn’t get it past the interior os.

I spent the last few hours walking the halls til my feet almost blistered, trying to get the contractions kicked up.  I bounced on the ball and did the hypnosis tracks and while I’m now feeling things pretty consistently,  I’m still not progressing enough.

So,  I’m watching an episode of the good wife,  and then I’ll call the nurses to put the monitors back on,  give me another ambien and start a very low dose pitocin.  My midwife is committed to keeping it low all night to give me a good chance to dilate without too much intensity and then tomorrow we can try the foley bulb again,  or maybe see if I get in the groove on my own.

So.  . . No baby today.  But maybe tomorrow! 


19 thoughts on “Slow and steady

  1. Ambien sounds delightful! You sound very relaxed and like you’re taking things in stride, which is perfect. DW and I are thinking of you three, and wishing you a wonderful labour and delivery! I hope the pooches are doing well too, despite missing their mamas, and I bet they can wait to meet the little Seafoam!

  2. Wow. That is such a different experience than I had. Mine was an emergency induction because of risk of stillbirth with Cholestasis but I can’t help but think that your midwife is simply a lot more humane than was the OB covering for my then-vacationing doc. I’m relieved for you – the breakneck speed induction was brutal (though effective) and far from humane. I hope Seafoam gets the memo soon and you and LA get to celebrate March 15, 2015 as his birthday. Sending heaps of strength patience and positive energy your way.

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