And it’s in!

Well,  the night of low dose pitocin did not magically put me into labor or even,  in fact, dialate me at all.  Ay my check this morning I was about 75% effaced but still a big fat 0 cm dilated.
The midwife decided to try another cytotec this morning,  so we did. At next check I was 85% effaced and 1.5-2cm dilated!  Hooray!
So next was a go at the foley.  The awesome midwife tried but despite a hella painful cervical check and am intense attempt (supported with fentanyl) she wasn’t successful.  Time to call in the big guns!  The OB chief resident came in about an hour later and with a trick she had and another dose of fentanyl,  it was in around 4pm!
Almost immediately I started getting real significant contractions! They are between 5-10 minutes apart and pretty significantly intense.  I also found good chunk of my mucous plug on the TP! Things are happening!

The foley is filed with 120cc of fluid and will hopefully get me to 6cm or so.  They also just have me another cytotec which weer are hoping will keep things going without having to get back on pitocin. 

We are hoping hoping hoping that we’ll have a baby sometime tomorrow!


15 thoughts on “And it’s in!

  1. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that you all have a baby sometime tomorrow, too. 🙂 All good signs so far – keep up the good work. You three are rockstars, all. Love to all and holding vision for a relaxing labor with deep, nourishing rest between contractions. 🙂

  2. Oh oh oh, I haven’t been on my reader as I’ve been trying not to run out of data this month (cycle ends 17th), as the wifey is away in St Lucia and I need data to stay in contact with her. So wow – it’s all happening eh gorgeous!! Wonder if the hypnobirthing breathing is helping? I’m off to read back and see how you go to here…! Kia haha – have strength!!!!! xx

  3. You’re in my thoughts, I hope it goes well. I’m glad they were able to get you laboring, they couldn’t get my cousin to labor at all, both her kids were csection deliveries because her body just wouldn’t go into labor even with all the drugs.

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