There’s an app for that

Because I’m generally a type A person (although my commitment to plans has been severely compromised by my less than according to plan conception and birth! ) and I LOVE data and the analysi
s thereof, once Ansel was born I invested in a tracking app for breastfeeding, diapers, etc. And of course, in addition to loving data, there is the simple fact that my sleep deprived brain cannot remember which breast he last nursed on or how many wet diapers he had in a day. 
Because of this app,  I also know that I spent almost 5 1/2 hours breastfeeding since midnight last night.  Which validates the feeling that this is actually a full time job.  It’s a full time job I mostly do from the couch while watching The Good Wife, but it’s a job.

La’s mom left today,  which was heartbreaking  to watch.  I wish she could see him whenever she wanted,  like she does with her other grandkids,  without us having to live in Indiana.  But I feel so grateful that Ansel has an Oma who adores him, even if she’s a time zone or two away.  As is typical,  she and La got a bunch of projects done – the two of them can’t sit still. So our ice machine is fixed, our lawn is mowed,  I have new windshield wipers.  . . It’s awesome.

I feel like I took a few steps back,  c-section recovery wise.  I’ve been having a lot of pain in my abdomen and pubic bone area that my pain meds aren’t really addressing.  I had to call and ask for more of the hard stuff,  too,  which I hate doing because I’m basically anyways terrified of becoming a pain pill addict.  La has assured me she’ll let me know if I start acting crazy,  but I’d still rather be off the sauce. A little longer I guess.  . . I’m trying to be gentle with myself,  since it was major abdominal surgery, but it’s not my style to be so flattened by pain.

Last night Ansel slept in 3 hour chunks!  I never thought I’d feel refreshed after that kind of sleep,  but it’s all relative, I guess!  I’m going to go ahead and tell all you mamas to be to invest in a rock n play if you aren’t planning to bed share.  . . I thank 7lb 5oz baby jesus for it every morning.

Final excitement is that I have managed to pump 3oz a day in addition to feeding Ansel on demand,  about every 1 1/2-2 hours.  I’m trying to build a stash and up my supply overall,  and while 3oz isn’t much,  it’s a good start considering how much he’s eating!  It’s fun,  too,  since there is a certain amount of blind trust when you’re nursing, since you can’t see how much baby is getting (aside from the occasional leaks from the corner of the mouth or the milk mustaches after a feeding! ) pumping is gratifying in this way – you can see it squirting out,  which is both horrifying and so so satisfying.  I know Ansel is getting enough to eat because he’s gaining weight well and hitting goals for wet and dirty diapers,  but there’s nothing like seeing the fruits of your labor accumulate in  bottle!

It’s time to see if I can get a few hours of sleep in before my precious possum wakes up and demands more milk.  I think I’m going to get good at posting updates from my phone!

Here’s your obligatory Ansel picture:



16 thoughts on “There’s an app for that

  1. Well done mama! It’s great that he’s doing so well, and that you’re a breastfeeding champ. I hope the c-section recovery accelerates though, as it must be tough taking care of a newbie and being in so much pain. Did they say when you should be feeling significantly better?

  2. Ooh which app did you go for? I had one for a while that was pretty good. I found one that had the left and right boob as cupcakes with a cherry on top. It was too funny. 3oz a day is amazing! I hope that you have a perfecy supply and he keeps gaining weight and sleeping in 3 hour chunks at night (or more). He is ridiculously adorable and and I so happu for you all every time I see his picture. I showed Wallace and he loved the dogs too.

  3. Wish you guys DID live in Indiana… that’s where we are, be nice to have “neighbors”. Except, I wouldn’t actually wish Indiana on anyone right now, gay or straight….

    Anyways. Glad you love the RNP! We did too. That thing is amazing. I do know some babies who got flat head syndrome from sleeping in it but our Pax never did and it let us sleep solidly and solo… ah-mazing.

    Glad breastfeeding is going well!

  4. He’s such a cutie! I’m so happy for you that you are a milk making champ, I remember that you were nervous about that. 3 hours of sleep at this stage is great!

  5. Glad it’s going so well. I’ve heard good things about rock n plays too. On the fence on them tho. I used an app like that when I was watching my newborn nephew, after a while it showed a trend and I no longer liked it lol. He’s so cute!

  6. We looked for tons of apps and nothing was twin specific, which was really annoying! I wish I knew how to create apps, because something tells me it would sell pretty well! Glad to hear everything is going well, and little Ansel melts my heart!

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