Month ONE (a little late!)

*I started this blog over a week ago and didn't finish when I started . . .so it's a bit disjointed. And I'm even worse at blogging with a baby than I thought! I am finishing this blog thanks to the baby k'tan, which allows me to actually use two hands to do something while... Continue Reading →


Milk Maid

I spend approximately all of my waking hours thinking about my boobs. That is only a slight exaggeration. If Ansel isn't attached to my boob, I'm thinking about when he should be attached to my boob next, or I'm pumping, or I'm drinking water so I am hydrated enough to make milk, or I'm eating... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding level up!

Today Ansel and I met our next nursing challenge: breastfeeding while he's in the k'tan so I can do something besides watch Parenthood on the couch.  With a little negotiating,  we got it. . . For today anyway! I'm also planning to attend a breastfeeding class at a mama store this afternoon which will involve... Continue Reading →

Going on 3

Tomorrow Ansel will be 3 weeks old. What?! Its surreal, still, that he is ours but I also can't really remember life before him. So far, things are going well. I've said (and seen it said by others) that when you struggle to conceive, you should get a break somewhere else in the process. There... Continue Reading →

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