Breastfeeding level up!

Today Ansel and I met our next nursing challenge: breastfeeding while he’s in the k’tan so I can do something besides watch Parenthood on the couch.  With a little negotiating,  we got it. . . For today anyway!
I’m also planning to attend a breastfeeding class at a mama store this afternoon which will involve driving.  . . Which I haven’t done since before we went into the hospital to be induced!  It will be my first time leaving the neighborhood by myself with the kid.  Funny what feels challenging these days!


Please excuse my messy hair and no make up.  . . But I AM only 3 weeks post partum!  I feel like an amazon though! !


18 thoughts on “Breastfeeding level up!

  1. You look beautiful. How are the postpartum hormones treating you. Breastfeeding did miracles for centering me. Your still technically in your first month of breastfeeding, I promise you it gets better if your experiencing any difficult.

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