Like sand through the hourglass. . .

So go the days of my life, slipping through my fingers so very quickly.

I’m on my phone, so I don’t have the spoons to give you a full update but:

1. The smidgen is 4 months old!


2. We were terrified of transferring him from the rock’n’play to his co sleeper after reading many horror stories. But we did it! And we are on night 3 with no significant sleep complications!

3. I’m so busy at work I can barely manage to keep my head on straight. This is good and bad.

4. One more picture because this baby slays me:



18 thoughts on “Like sand through the hourglass. . .

  1. So cute. He’s starting to look like a real squish. It’s so much fun when their personality really starts to show

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