Well, I officially know that I can spend a night away from my baby and neither die of sadness nor lose my supply of breast milk.

On Monday evening, I bathed and nursed A to bed and then picked up my overnight bag, training supplies and car keys and drove south east to a teeny, tiny town in Colorado (neighbored by this town, renowned for their delicious Cantaloupe!) I arrived around 11pm, checked in and hooked up my pump. I watched some terrible TV and expressed some milk, set an alarm for 3am, turned out the light, and tossed and turned until that alarm went off and I woke up to pump again. I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep between 3:30 and 5:30, when I woke up and pumped again, then headed to facilitate a training.

9 hours and 5 more pumps later, I started home and arrived at 7pm, just in time to bathe and nurse my baby back to sleep. And then I keeled over from exhaustion and slept the good sleep. Until, of course, Ansel woke up to be nursed. And never was I more grateful that it was a baby and not an alarm waking me up.

So, I did it. We did it. And we will have to do it again but I am so so very glad this night is behind us now.

The last few weeks have been hard. Last week, I spent most of my days running from one meeting to another, with hardly a chance in between to pump. And when I did have a chance, it was frequently in the car – which is not ideal for so many reasons. As a consequence, my output by the end of the week was starting to suffer. On Thursday, I spilled 2 oz all over myself and the car, and then on Friday night I forgot the 10 oz I’d pumped and found them on Sunday, warmly rotting in the cooler that was no longer cool. Momming and working were not so compatible last week.

But, Ansel had his 4 month check up (a little late, since he’ll be 5 months on Monday!) and he’s weighing in at 16lbs 5oz, is 25.5 inches tall and has a head circumfrence of 42.3cm – putting him around the 60% percentile for height and weight, and closer to the 40th for head. In any case, he continues to grow well, and the doctor is very happy with him. His reflux seems to be under control, so we aren’t pursuing any medication at this point. He’s healthy and still so very, very happy.

We’ve still been talking about #2. Mostly, this decision is based on L’s job prospects. She’s been applying for full time faculty positions across the country, and scored some interviews, but no job yet. It’s super disappointing. Our original plan had been to start tracking her cycle in the fall, and then try IUIs with her in January-ish. But she mentioned, when we brought it up with BFF, that she wants to continue applying for positions for next fall, and while we all know it’s hella illegal to not hire someone for being pregs, she’d rather not have to wonder if she’s not getting a job because she’s obviously knocked up, nor would she want to get hired (even in a tenure track position, there is still no guarantee) and then have to immediately go on leave.

So, it seems like it could very well end up being me who goes next. Since we talked about it, I’ve been sort of day dreamy about being pregnant again. I’m sure I’m being a little rosy about the past, but I honestly kind of enjoyed being pregnant. Some days, I even kind of miss it. (y’all who are currently SUPER pregnant, feel free to throw rocks at me and remind me I didn’t have to deal with those last 3 weeks) I’m excited by the idea of being pregnant again, even though I also feel really intensely excited about L being knocked up! She is gonna be the cutest pregnant dapper dandy EVER. Plus, a baby with her dimples would probably just totally slay me.

Of course, nothing will happen until at least April-ish, when A will be over a year and weaned from the boob (thinking about having to stop nursing him makes me just horrifically sad though, so I’m trying not to think about it) and a lot could change between now and then. And, of course, there’s always the expense of another transfer to consider. Man, what must it be like to get pregnant for free?

So, that’s the happs, y’all. Wanna give a shout out to my friend Alicia over at LadyLoveandBabyDust who is probably holding her precious possums for the very first time RIGHTNOW! It took both of us a looooong time to get some babies on this side of the ol’ ute, and I’m so so happy for her. <3!!


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  1. You made it! I’m sad work requires this juggling and being away for so many moms and babies. I think you are doing amazing keeping it all together.

    Do you all have an agenda to have babies close together in age? I was hoping to have a second on the way by the time Wallace is 3 but the school plans and finances and relationship are going to make that not possible. I am kinda glad Wallace will be older when I have another newborn since having taken care of multiple kids, including infants at the same time as toddlers. I also am happy that breastfeeding is still happening and Wallace is slowly weaning as we both need it to be.

  2. You are doing a super job as a working mom. I’m excited to hear your plans for baby #2. I know that I’m not at the super uncomfortable end of pregnancy, but I must say that I have loved being pregnant so far. I especially love that I can give my wife the gift of growing us a baby.

  3. Also I totally have a skewed recollection of my pregnancy. I remember it as the greatest time in my life with no worries or pain

  4. I don’t remember ever liking being pregnant, so I can’t really concur with you there, but I’m so glad you guys are going for what you want! I am excited to see how this next part of your journey pans out! 🙂

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