5 Months!

Ansel Jack is five months old!


As you can see, he is SUPER happy about it.

He was less happy when we put him on his belly:


But he’s cute even when he’s pissed, isn’t he? And then he rolled over and was happy again:


Ansel is sitting up unassisted for a few minutes at a time now, and we are going to give him some foods to try starting this weekend! Exciting and a little nerve wracking! We are going the baby led weaning route . . .which means I should maybe finish the book? For those of you who do BLW, did you start just offering food from your plate, or did you do single items strategically first? We were thinking of offering some avocado slices, or sweet potato oven fries. Ideas?

 IMG_7330 (1)

Ansel’s repertoire of sounds is getting bigger – squeaks, squawks, raspberrys, growls, monster sounding ferocity! And his “nun nun nun” whimper/cry when he’s sad. Breaks the heart wide open. He’s also working some hard consonants, D’s are his current favorite. He is pretty consistently rolling from back to front, although he still ocassionally needs some reminders of where to put his head. He’s pushing up into an arch on his back, as well, so I think rolling back to front is probably around the corner. He laughs and laughs, shoots smiles at damned near everyone, and spends time in his car seat, stroller or carrier quietly but intensely observing the world around him.

This week La started fall semester, which meant finding some additional child care for two mornings each week. We found a woman from my church who is currently a SAHM, has a 3 year old at home at an 8 year old who will be in school. He’s been there now twice, and he loves it! He particularly adores her older daughter, who he will smile and giggle at, totally unbidden. We both feel so comfortable with her and are super glad he’s going to get experience being around other kids. We are hoping to keep him out of daycare until he’s at least a year, so this is definitely a huge help.

I finally dug up a few pictures of myself at Ansel’s age for comparison – we are still waiting for BFF to get some from NY so we can check out how he compares on that side. Thought I’d share with those of you no on FB:


1 more month until we’ve reached the mid-year point. Holy shit.


19 thoughts on “5 Months!

  1. We have been giving simple things off our plate. Usually when out and about. French fries, sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, green beans, eggs, ice cream (that upset her tummy and gave her gas though, so not doing that again for a while). We haven’t given her a whole meal or anything yet. Typically we do fruit in the mesh feeder instead at home. We also do baby food (organic non-gmo). My wife is a little overcautious. The other day I gave her pizza crust and cinnamon rolls to chew on. She’s doing great! lol Of course, all that healthy food only idea went out the window because we aren’t eating healthy enough. Anyway, hope that helps. Do what works for you.

  2. With us we started right away with food off our plates. Spicy, weird flavors all of it. We gave her a bit of everything and honestly there’s nothing she hasn’t tried. My motivation for baby led weaning may be different than yours though, on top of all the benefits I didn’t want to be spending hours preparing special food. So I just give her what we eat. She can swallow chicken fish and ground meats but steak she usually gums until it’s white and spits it out. Perfect! She’s getting the nutrients! We give her foods in stick shapes because she eats with her palm and the food needs to stick out the top. I preload spoons with goat yogurt or grass fed butter or refried beans occasionally. She lifts them to her mouth and half of it makes it in her mouth which is good enough for me. She loves pate and hummus so we usually dip some food in either so she can eat that too. We didn’t read the book but did watch YouTube videos for the difference between c hocking and gagging. Gagging is normal and loud and sometimes there’s puke but it’s all part of learning. She gags to move the food back forward to chew more if she’s not ready to swallow. Chocking is silent and not good. We didn’t give her any simple or one ingrediant foods just our meals and it took about a week before she chewed or swallowed. She just played with it to start and that’s important too. We never hold food for her but we will help her grip slippery foods by placing them in her hand. It’s important for her to control which foods she wants to eat so we never bring it to her mouth for her. The only foods we haven’t given her are junk foods but we try to limit them for ourselves too. I was initially worried about introducing anythig sweet but now I feel like in moderation they are part of a balanced diet so we give her bites of pear or blackberries if we have them. I was mostly scared it would convince her sweet was best and she’d ignore all other food but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Let me know if you have any questions. We love it! Oh and we never stress about feeding her. Food till one is for fun and breastmilk is number one for us so sometimes she eats two meals aw day with us and sometimes she eats only once a week

    • Ps had Everly weighed today at six months and she’s exactly 15 lbs. You must be feeding Ansel whipped cream boob juice because he’s growing like crazy. We’ll done

  3. Oh my goodness Ansels your TWIN. He’s f**%ing handsome when he’s pissed! Doesn’t the first year fly by?? Wait till there’s more than one around. It’s so chaotic I don’t even know how the hell Leo made it to 9 months without me blinking. Life’s too short

  4. Great photos! I only vaguely remember our BLW days but I think we started with individual food items off our plates. So fun! And having just witnessed an epic protest over tonight’s vegetable medley, I am seriously longing for the time when lettuce and broccoli were, like, the best foods ever. Sigh.

  5. He really looks like you! He’s thriving, so many milestones and such a happy little guy!

    Do you breast feed using a ring sling? I’ve been trying and you’re the only person I know who might. It’s hard and it’s so hot lately I think the sling is best when it’s not 97 degrees.

  6. I started with purees, but I looked up a lot of BLW when I started transitioning him from purees to table food. Avocado seems like a standard. Brian was never a big fan of it though, banana and sweet potato were hits oh and steamed broccoli.

  7. So flipping cute! He definitely looks all baby now.
    No need to rush the solids. Some people prefer to wait until they have the ability to get themselves into sitting position. That way you know they have enough core strength to eat. Bringing things to mouth, loss of tongue thrust reflex, and an interest in what you are eating are crucial too. Better to have the gut developepd enough than not. I agree with your idea of one thing at a time instead of feeding him off your plate first. It is good to go slow and just let them explore.

  8. AJ has the best face, and y’all are twinning for reals! As far as BLW, we started with the purees initially, so they could get the swallowing thing down before we tried anything else, but for the past 2 months, we have been giving them whatever has been on our plates, especially when they started reaching for it, and then grunting, and eventually crying! So now, whatever we eat (rice, beans, pork, chicken, green beans, peas, avocado, you name it), we put little bits on their high chair tray and let them go at it. It took a good 2 weeks before they understood to open their hand and let the food into their mouths. They were sort of just fisting it and sucking on their fists. Now they are able to put it into their mouths (penne for example) clamp it with their gums, and then let go. They’ll suck the hell out of it! And besides, it’s really messy and messy babies are so darn cute!

  9. You and Ansel definitely have the same baby smile. Also, he is ridiculously, impossibly cute.

    We mostly did purees at the start. I would have liked to have done more BLW, but the gagging (mentioned in a comment above) stressed Sea out too much. It was fine, though: now Bingo’s favourite food is sushi!

  10. That face!!! He totally looks adorable when he’s pissed. What. A. Cutie.

    I’m going to try a mix of BLW and purée just to make sure he’s being fed! I can’t wait – I’ll be interested to know how you get on.

  11. He is adorable! We mostly gave him some of what we were eating, but made sure to have at least something he could eat. We did a lot of sweet potato strips and banana to start.

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