It Begins

I am about 98% sure Ansel’s front two teeth are about the make their appearance, based on his behavior and the ghostly white outlines of teeth now swelling his gums in front. I have been waiting for this moment with trepidation and fear, wondering if it might turn our happy go lucky ‘trick’ baby into a totally new creature to contend with. I have no answers yet.

He’s been napping terribly, but this isn’t anything all that new. He does best napping while being held, which makes his napping complicated and spotty, depending on who he’s with, when, and what they are doing. He sleeps pretty well at night, although he’s upped his night wakings from 2 to 3 times, and has been harder to settle once he’s eaten. He also has started to wake up for the day earlier and earlier. I used to be able to pull him into bed when he woke up around 5-5:30a, and he’d nurse and sleep next to me until we had to get up between 7:30-8a. This morning he woke up at 6 and wanted to gum my nipple hard and play with his hands. This isn’t as pleasant as snuggling and nursing in the wee morning hours.

Speaking of gumming things . . .that’s all he does. Your hands, fingers, whatever he has in front of him. He wants to chomp down as hard as his little jaw can muster. He basically lost his shit last night when he dropped his ice cold teether and couldn’t find something to immediately replace it with.

We cut up some banana and avocado last weekend and offered it to him. He played with it a bit and then managed to get a small chunk of banana back far enough to swallow and look shocked. Given his current love of cold teethers, we cut up some banana and froze it in a mesh feeder. He has been pretty psyched about this:


We are going pretty slow with the food introduction, otherwise. This week, we haven’t been eating super well (see below) so I’m less interested in offering him much off our plates, and while he has some interest (mostly in the things he actually CAN’T have, like my plain yogurt with honey this morning) he also isn’t getting super grabby. So, slow and steady.

The last week has been a tough one, mostly because we are in a shitty spot financially. Although I was told I was getting a raise and started taking on a lot more at work in early July, we had to wait for the BoD to approve pay increases and the new budget. Due to bad timing all around, the board didn’t meet until Aug 19th to make this decision, so the pay increase still hasn’t actually happened – although it’s now, at least, approved. This, coupled with L’s switch from summer session to fall semester (which = in adjunct world, a skipped pay check) has meant an August that seems unending. Last weekend, we did the math and realized that with some reimbursement checks I was owed, we’d be able to cover our bills, but not buy gas or groceries. I was honestly less worried about groceries, since we are pretty creative and had some staples in the cupboard. Gas, though, was another story. Since we have to take Ansel to my mom’s or the baby sitter, and get to work.

But, when the going gets tough, the tough wander around their house and look for shit to sell on craigslist. And, sure enough, we found some baby items we didn’t need anymore, an old roku box and a broken but fixable lawn mower, and we scraped together $160. And the 31st, when I’ll not only get my new bigger salary, but also back pay for July and the first part of August, is much much closer now. If only we didn’t have a list of things to buy/pay for/pay back that we had to miss in August, we might have enough to do something fun with, too. But honestly, I’ll be happy to just feel less panicked about getting through the bills.

And finally, to round out a difficult week, I managed to just . . .forget to go do a training I’d committed to months ago. It was in my calendar – for September – and I moved offices at the exact time I was to be there, meaning my phone was out of commission and I wasn’t in front of my computer. Because of this, I didn’t get word of my mistake until my boss came in to tell me she had gotten a call. Whoops. After a lot of groveling, a tearful walk around the block to feel shitty about myself, and some deep breaths, I realize it’s the universe’s way of telling me I need to slow the fuck down. So, I’m trying.

And, I’ll be happy when September comes and I get to at least pretend to hit the reset button.


12 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. I’m crossing my fingers that Ansel is a dream teether– with all the stress that you’re experience, you guys deserve a break!

    (And if he isn’t a dream teether, medicate without guilt. If your teeth hurt horribly you would probably take some Tylenol too!)

  2. I can’t wait to start weaning T. I think he’s close as he’s interested in my food and I think it’ll give him an interest in food again. He seems easily distracted now when it comes to feeds, like he’s not that bothered. It’s like he knows he has to eat but would rather be doing something else, y’know? I’m looking forward to reading your updates. I’ve got one of those mesh feeders as well, they look really good.

    Argh. Teething. It’s been absolute hell this week. You would think the build up before the break through would hurt but it’s actually been after that that’s been bad. Bad mood. Bad sleep (although we also have that 4 month regression) and generally bad everything. I really hope it’s better for you guys. I would, however, stock up on tissues – there will be tears. If possible, try and get some teething powders or gels. Thankfully, because he’s into food, you should be able to utilise cold cucumber, etc. Good Luck, ladies!

    Really suckish about the money issue – it’s like they forgot there were people waiting on the other end!! I hope it sorts itself out!

  3. Oh man. Can I relate to the universe sending me messages about how I can improve myself. I feel terrible knowing how tighten the money has been and imagining how stressful that must be with the little one around. It’s one thing to be broke when we are not parenting but quite another when we are. In the superficial department… you have the cutest baby boy going!

  4. Teething 😦 I want to cry with bean. It’s so awful for them. And I’m sorry to say the gumming of nipples is infinitely worse avec teeth as my missing a chunk right nipple would attest to. Sorry sleep has been sucky I do think that’s all to do with teething though!

  5. Wow. The time just flies, doesn’t it? I can’t believe he’s eating bananas and getting teeth! Crazy! I hope teething treats you well given everything you have going on!

  6. Teething is the pits, even with babies that sleep through the night. Hope he cuts those teeth soon and everyone finds some relief. And aren’t babies trying new foods just the cutest thing? The boys tried pickles this week and even though they screwed their faces up like crazy, they couldn’t get enough! It was pretty awesome!

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