Today has been a good day

That’s a place to start, right?

Because although I think about posting a lot – write full, elaborate and exceptionally detailed posts in my head while falling asleep or nursing or driving to work – I haven’t actually managed to write anything in a few weeks. I know that by many standards, this is hardly an absence, but it makes sense how a few weeks turns into months – it’s harder to get started once there’s some distance.

But. Today was a good day.

To start, it’s Ansel’s half birthday – which means we have kept the kid alive for a full half year. And, I have kept him alive with my boobs alone for those 6 months. What?! I always want to state clearly and up front that feeding a baby, however it happens, is awesome. And, I am really proud of myself as well! Dude has some pretty chunky legs and adorable rolls to show for it, too!

2015-09-10 18.03.42

Second, the store where we buy a lot of our cloth diaper stuff is moving, so they posted about a flash sale where you could get all the diapers you could stuff into a bag for $15. I ran over on a break and got 12 fitted and pocket diapers (the fancy kind we don’t use often!) for $15!

Then, I went out to lunch with my boss for my annual review. I got to eat sushi (my first since before I was pregnant!) and hear all the (mostly) nice things people said about me.

And things are good most days, too. La is in rehearsals for the show she is directing at school, which means we’ve hardly seen each other for a few weeks and won’t for a few more. We hand A off at my work, outside the theater, or tag out at home. She often gets home late, after I’ve gone to bed, and sometimes gets up early as well. And while its sometimes lonely (in part because I’m not so good at reaching out to folks to spend time with) and lots of times exhausting (I have a teeny tiny glimpse into single parenthood, and it seems so tiring), I have enjoyed having a lot of time with Ansel by myself too. And I know L loves directing shows and working so closely with students.

Work is still exhausting, but rewarding. The idea that somehow managing a federal project would get ‘easier’ is laughable now. But I’m also getting better at delegating and collaborating (some of the feedback from my review, and my own personal experience, indicates that this is an area of growth for me) and now that I’ve finally shifted my old job off my plate, I have the energy and time to focus more on developing systems and tools that I need to do my job well. Plus, that raise finally came through, so I’m feeling less resentful about not getting paid for the extra work.

But none of that is what I have thought about writing so many times in my head. That isn’t the really interesting stuff. That’s just the update, the basics. Nothing good.

So, what have I thought about writing?

  • About how a few days ago, when Ansel came to work with me for an event, a community partner gushed over him and told me he looked like me and then asked about his “Daddy.” I explained he didn’t have a daddy, but he did have two moms and a donor. She seemed to hear that, but then kept asking about his ‘daddy’ – did his daddy have blue eyes? what was his daddy’s ethnic heritage? did I know his daddy? And because I was at work and she is an important partner, I didn’t totally lose my shit. But I felt sick about it. Maybe even more so because she was well meaning but still so very far from the mark. I don’t think she kept saying ‘daddy’ yo intentionally invalidate me and L, nor because she didn’t ‘get’ the situation (her questions clearly illustrated that she did.) But every time I responded, “His DONOR has blue eyes, his DONOR is german and swedish” she just kept coming back with the daddy shit. That’s how you feel invisible, when you feel like you should be talking to someone but it’s more like yelling into an abyss.
  • Or, how my co-worker, who is a little brash and kind of intense but whom I’ve always enjoyed, told me unsolicited that A “should be sleeping through the night by now.” Not in response to my complaining about lack of sleep (because I don’t complain) or anything else related to how my baby sleeps, but seemingly out of no where. And when I just smiled awkwardly, she said, “Well. He should. He’s big enough and old enough. He doesn’t NEED to eat at night.” I thought about pulling out all the research I have that indicates that while sure, he “could” be sleeping “through the night” (whatever that means) it’s also ok that he’s not. And that if I don’t mind, why should she? It bothered me all day. It made me wonder if I AM doing something wrong? If he should be sleeping differently? I finally snapped out of it, but it stayed with me way too long. And I wondered why the fuck people offer so much unsolicited advice when it seems like everyone hates it so much. Like, is there some sort of parent amnesia and you forget how awful unsolicited advice is and start giving it out? Because she definitely made some knowing comment about unsolicited advice regarding parenting this morning and I wanted to say, ‘uh, like the kind you gave me on Monday?’
  • Or how things continue to be so hard with my mom, not that she knows this, because she just doesn’t seem to respect me as a parent. She basically does what she wants – gives Ansel ibuprofen without asking beforehand or holds him while he naps or any number of other things we’ve asked her not to do – but there’s so much baggage for me and emotional manipulation that sometimes I choose not to fight her because I don’t have the ability to do it. And my very excellent therapist who was also way too expensive fired me because I couldn’t afford her, which is ultimately for the best but kind of sucks right now.
  • How about that we are donating two of our embryos to our friends who have been trying SO LONG to have baby #2, and how that is exciting but also feels like a huge dark unknown. What will it be like to know that there is a child out in the world who maybe has my eyes or my hair or my hands, but is not my child? Maybe this especially nuanced because my child was conceived with a donor, and I imagine at least one of my children will also not be biologically related to me, and I love the complexity of that – families and community and all of it. But there’s so very much to think about.

And, I want you to see how big Ansel is getting! He is sticking lots of foods in his mouth (not ‘eating’ so much as experiencing!) and rolling over and beginning to inch worm his way around. He’s still so happy and smiley and lovely. And parenting is both everything and nothing like I thought it would be 6 months ago when this sweet boy slipped (too) quietly out of my body via the VIP door.

2015-09-12 20.02.56

2015-09-13 13.35.54

2015-09-15 14.23.55

2015-08-30 09.00.05


15 thoughts on “Today has been a good day

  1. Great to hear from you! The daddy thing would have driven me to the limit of my tolerance. I’ve been able to pull off the “you know, some people find that terminology offensive” thing a few times but mostly I try to change the subject. So frustrating!

    As for your sleeping through the night co-worker, I would be soooo tempted to say something like “well, I don’t NEED to eat this cookie/watch this trashy TV show either, but…” Or better yet, “you don’t technically need that raise, but…” Butt out, lady.

    Most importantly, awesome kiddo you’ve got there. Good job feeding him–he looks ready for what I call the Gerber Baby Phase. Not because of solids (although YAY solids–so fun except for the poop!) but because they could BE the Gerber baby. So cute!

    Oh and rock on, diaper sale. Pockets are great!

  2. So many things in one post! People never mind their own business and never realize that they are being the awkward person. Sorry you had to deal with that.

    A very generous gift of the embryos but it’s probably a lot to process, the unknowns. Sending lots of good vibes on that front.

    Adorable munchkin, as always!

  3. He is so perfect. But also I can’t believe how different he looked as a newborn! I saw your side by side and it was amazing. Also super duper jelly about te flash sale

  4. He’s seriously ADORABLE. I’m so jealous & happy for you that you were able to get all those cloth dipers for just 15.00!! 😻 We literally can’t even get one for 15. -_- & we get the same “daddy” comments. Surprisingly it’s even been from family, I also KNOW it’s not meant in a rude way AT ALL. I too respond using “donor” & even once I said. He doesn’t have a “daddy” & the person I was speaking with said “don’t say that,that’s not nice.” Lol. I mean it’s simply a fact. Even when it doesn’t come from a place of negativity. It’s still a bit frustrating to say the least.

  5. Oh AJ, i Love your face!!! He makes me smile so hard, all the time. The situation with your mom…how frustrating. There have been times when we have had to put out foot down, not just with the boys, but with Mary also. Like when she looses her privileges and my parents decide that they are gonna give her ice cream anyway the second that we walk away. We threatened to not come back to the house until she was off punishment and learned to do the right thing. Sometimes, you have to “threaten: them with not seeing their grandkids for them to understand the severity of the situation. Not sure how feasible that is in your situation, but sometimes, we just have to put our foot down. My kids, my rules, my way! And if you don;t like it, you won’t see them! My parents back off and started following our rules. But otherwise sounds like you all are in a good place! Glad to hear from you friend!

  6. The “daddy” thing is one of my biggest pet peeves. I always correct them and say, like you did, their DONOR! Some people pick up on it and others do not. It is very frustrating when they do not.
    Donating your embryos to friends is so incredibly giving of you. That is awesome that you may be blessing another family.
    Your precious boy is just that PRECIOUS! And those chunky legs are just so yummy!

  7. Happy half birthday! The woman at your work event who kept asking about Ansel’s “daddy” disgusts me. I understand that it’s not her fault because she may not understand or have encountered your situation before, but there are all kinds of situations in which a sensitive and respectful person can use the words of the person they’re asking questions of – if you use the word donor, she should be perceptive enough to do the same. It reminds me of the guy at a bar we were talking to when I was pregnant who insisted our unborn child had a “father” even if we weren’t admitting it, as if we were ignoring that fact. We’re not, we just don’t call it that and have some damn respect! Anyway, Ansel is beautiful and it’s incredible that you’ve kept him alive for six months! Congrats! So nice your boss takes you out for sushi, too 🍱!

    I write blog posts in my head all the time… They’re amazing, I swear 😀

  8. And donating your embryos is incredible. I’m sure it feels strange. My friend donated her eggs and has several pics of the couple’s children and they look like my friend. It’s a beautiful thing that you’re doing!

  9. So frustrating, I have found being straight up with people that there is no Daddy when they first use that word has been the most of effective way for me. Ansel is such a cutie with a gorgeous smile. Wow, gifting your embryos is such a beautiful gift, and a very unselfish, generous and kind thing to do. 🙂

  10. I love him. I lahhhve him. Beautiful boy! That daddy shit would’ve made me see red—good handling. I’m fascinated that you too donated and will see the child? Regularly? I hope you can write about that experience….

  11. He’s so adorable. I so get your first 3 bullet points. The first two make me soooo angry too! No my 15 month old does not sleep through the night, no I don’t have a problem with it, and no he’s not going to be an entitled brat because he needs to nurse at night.

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