6 months!

I’m a little late, since Ansel hit 6 months a week ago, but frankly, I feel lucky when I show up to work on time, so. . . I’m not gonna freak out about missing a self imposed deadline. And the kid is still 6 months old, so it’s not a lie or anything!


Here are a few facts about Ansel at 6 months:

*18lbs 6oz, 26.5 inches, putting him in the 75th percentile for both height and weight.

*LOVES: Hilda the baby bulldog, gnawing on chicken and steak, milk, Sophie le giraffe, the hemp diapers (which he snuggles like a lovey), howling and crowing and squeeling, the mirror on his baby piano, talking to Oma on Facebook, being an airplane and food flying towards him like an airplane

*HATES: napping for more than 15 minutes, getting ready for bed.

*He can roll from back to front and front to back, but most of the time can’t be bothered to roll over.

*He can sit up completely unassisted. So confidently we can leave the room with him sitting and know he won’t fall over and crash.

*He is inch worming, reaching with his tail and starting to get ready to army crawl. Given how fast these things have appeared, I think he’ll be mobile pretty soon.

*He is grabbing everything with accuracy and speed and putting it directly into his mouth.

*foods tried: squash, sweet potato, steak, chicken, yogurt, pickles, French fries, carrot, Apple, banana, strawberry, pancakes, crepes (and probably some I forgot)

No teeth, lots of hair, still so smiley.

We transitioned him into the zipadeezip from the woombie and tomorrow we are going to see how he sleeps in his crib in his room. If he does the same or worse, he’ll be back in the cosleeper (or a pack n play, since he’s really getting too big for the cosleeper) but if he does better, he’ll be in his room. I’m having feelings about it but I actually have an inkling he’ll sleep better in his own room.

And now, without further adieu:







16 thoughts on “6 months!

  1. Oh he’s so soo beautiful. He has a contagious smile. I bet he’ll be crawling in no time. I think it’s a great idea he’s going into his own room. Not sure if you have read up on sleep training, I unfortunately did NOT with my first. The second time around I was destined to sleep train. I researched a lot, and found that at 5-6 months is the perfect time to transition to their own room. Really it’s just when you both are comfortable with it. 6 months was good for us. Also, it’s very natural for a baby to wake up all throughout the night in rem sleep. They may fuss lightly for five minutes and go back to sleep, the best thing we could do was to ignore the light fussing once he was in his own room. It was much harder when he was in our room. I didn’t want him fussing at all because Cherish has work at 4am. We have a video monitor so we can make sure everything is all fine and dandy in his room. He was still waking up every few hours in the beginning, I would
    Let him fuss for a few minutes, go in pacify him lay him back down. This gradually go longer apart, and now he sleeps a mere 11 hours a night. It’s heaven. I definitely want to sleep train the next one on the way. It has really made such a difference. There’s a lot more to it depending on certain circumstances. Our first had slept horrible until just recently. I realized it was more us that trained him to be that way. Infants are great sleepers, there’s a lot that we do that effects it.

  2. What a beautiful boy! Nice job on all of the developmental milestones. And did you mention steak TWICE in this post? I want some steak now! Were you swaddling him from the beginning with the Woombie? I’m gonna try swaddling Dumplin’ with a Summer SwaddleMe and see if he likes it. But I see that there are so many swaddling options!

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